Milo Yiannopoulos: What The ‘Alt-Right’ Is Really About (Full Interview) | Power Lunch

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Milo Yiannopoulos, tech editor, shares his take on Hillary Clinton’s “Alt-Right” comments. Also his take on Twitter ahead of their board meeting today, the freedom of speech and NFL Colin Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the national anthem.
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Milo Yiannopoulos: What The ‘Alt-Right’ Is Really About (Full Interview) | Power Lunch | CNBC


Worm Driver says:

Milo's fans don't want you to know that he's associated with the alt-right.

Light Holmes says:

i love how he said "it might be a little meaner"

Luka Music says:

I want to like this video because Milo is in it but I don't want to give a fake news channel like CBS any thumbs up. much love to Milo and Trump

Rob Smith says:

Milo is a pedophile

North Irish says:

Theres a difference between ALT right and ALT lite

Sargent DG says:

what a legend

IamBrix says:

All these comments. Hilarious. Glad you racist got exposed for the weak vermin you are.

Learnzz says:

So alt right accepts the gays?

arnie arnie says:

Milos is a dirty filthy paedophile. He thinks it's ok for 60yr old men to have sex with 13yr old boys.

Lord Draco says:

No milo you're dead wrong

Sparrow says:

yea that’s what I’m about.

ylekiote99999 says:

Milo is the most important person in America right now. Someone might try to assassinate him. Please be careful Milo. A lot of crazy af leftists out there who can't handle people saying whatever they want.

UltraRed 1901 says:

Man , Milo just does not lose arguments … legend

jbooks888 says:

For once they let him speak, didn't try to talk over him or cut him off. Porbably won't see that again!

Leanne Dickson says:

Would share this click of you onto my fb page but ive been banned for three days ,lol.

Leanne Dickson says:

Omg i love ya man
Bang on correct.

John O'Neill says:

He is an entertainer, a comedian , no more than that.

TransistorSnack says:

incredible to see that cnbc is giving Milo Yiannopoulos a fair playing field to talk, this is moar surprising when you consider cnbcs sister station msnbc

Steven Cassidy says:

Well, well, well feminists….it seems you have serious opposition on your hands

Darth Dingus says:

One of Milo's finest interviews. He's at his best when he's given a neutral opposition, people who aren't for or against him.

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