Donald Trump is the REAL DEAL!

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jrc99us says:

Trump is the real deal alright. The real deal for Hillary getting elected.

Eagle Grande says:

"We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism" With That statement, trump made a lot more enemies.

Michael Ledford says:

The electoral college had damn well better be aware their actions during this election will have grave consequences not only for electoral voters , but for america as a whole , if the historically crooked electoral voters dare to elect a president who doesn't have the most popular votes again , as they have stolen elections in the past , their theft of the presidency from its rightful steward will not just be a talking point as its been in the past .

If Donald Trump wins the presidency by having the most citizen votes vs Hillary , then the electoral college decides to " award " Hillary with the presidency even though she lost the election , we will be looking at the shot heard around the world round 2 , using the electoral voters to steal yet another election will be the final straw for patriots all over america , patriots will rise up and overthrow this corrupt government that only exists from its vast illegal activity , if the establishment string pullers like George Soros try to steal this election there will be a civil war fought in your and my front yards , not some 3rd world country but on the lawns of ex presidents estates , on the lawns of power brokers ,on the lawns of corrupt media big shots like Mark Zukerberg , who just happens to be building a massive bomb shelter on his property this very moment , this civil war will be fought 100% on american soil and local police forces will not be on the side of liberalism that's tried to demonize them , local militias won't be on the side of liberals who've despised them and demanded they be disarmed , the US military will be 90% on the side of the patriot party , which means those electoral voters who plan on stealing their 5th presidency by naming the elections loser president will be announcing the start of Americas 2nd civil war .

Mary Davis says:

Demand Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy to bring the vote Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act to the House floor!! STOP BLOCKING Ryan, McCarthy the Judiciary Committee has already approved the House version!!

JejuLee says:

Give me Bernie or I'll give you Trump. I guess I'll be giving you Trump!

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