TRUMP WINS: N. Korea Gets Worst News In Their History | Top Stories Today

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Top Stories Today –
TRUMP WINS: N. Korea Gets Worst News In Their History | Top Stories Today

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TRUMP WINS: N. Korea Gets Worst News In Their History | Top Stories Today:

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TRUMP WINS: N. Korea Gets Worst News In Their History | Top Stories Today:

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Jane Smith says:


James Sacchetti says:

Stopping all trade with China would be the best thing America could do

Edward Lee says:


Thomas Dobyns says:

We simply don't have time for sanctions. Which is worse, no trade with China or nuclear war ? Maybe stopping trade with China would hurry things up. NK is running overtime making nukes and missiles. And, we still have the problem of Kim attacking any of its neighbors. So, we haven't moved much off center. He still has the abilities, and will use them. I would not put beyond him to blackmail China or Russia. He has already blackmailed South Korea, and that's his own people. China could say he can stay, but the nukes and missiles have to go. If the nukes stay, then South Korea, Japan, and some of the pacific needs nuclear weapons, just for their self defense or maybe the USA and China could attack together ? It's a thought. The world is too small for nuclear weapons.

Francine Root-Adler says:

Hit 'em in the pocketbook!

John Wells says:

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Duration of 1- 15 years depending on the amount you need as loan.


Ange Scop says:

Tanks for the news

rtazman2004 says:

Thank God President Trump And The First Lady Took Office And Are Vice President And Vice First Lady Took Office Amen.

Bill Hookins says:

Of course it's a good idea "No money, No honey@

Arnold Niernberger says:

When President Trump's puts in Marshall Law in America cuz of commie groups in America n put them in FEMA Camps you'll be cryen then n I hope you Got IAM A US Army Veteran n President Trump's Americans Back you n we back All Police. Veterans Stand Ready to serve again n We AllArmed. Police show. Mercy. Veterans Don't. We Live to Take Out Commies so when you dumb ass people start your Riots you won't like the out come Nov 4th. So do bring it on when your rotten in a FEMA CAMP you did to your self's. Dum Ass Veterans will be laughing at you n Trump still be. President.

Monica Alcorn says:

Finally we have a President that has grit. In my eyes he has done more good for our country thus far, than Obama did in his entire eight years in office. May God protect him and give him wisdom.

Odraude Namyer says:

Great move for US Trump sunction globaly.

wj dell says:

No NEW accounts ! so what ! its business as usual with NK

suryanarayana begur says:

this is an EXCELLENT MOVE by DONALD TRUMP ADMINISTRATION to contain both CHINA AND ITS ALTER EGO THE NORTH KOREA….a strategic move that can freez economies of both countries, bringing them to heel…….why not INDIAN STRATEGISTS contemplate the same kind of measures to both CHINA AND PAKISTAN….DO WE HAVE THE WILL POWER.?

DevilDog Marine says:

Trump needs support of Russia a China to end rocket man's bizarre behavior and result in a peaceful non military solution.

Dennis Anderson says:

China has always been like this except when we saved their asses back in world war 11.
They knod their heads and go on in the direction they were walking. These people will push until someone yells enough. If China N Korea, and Russia get together were in a world of $–t!
The north Koreans need to take out their own garbage! Or they can figure it out they will pay with there lives.

Wayne Mierzwa says:

Starve the poor people! Something the US can be proud of!

s angel says:

As I understand it, those U.S. sanctions on China and its banks are actually U.N> sanctions coming from the S.C. No?

William Quayle says:

Ether way war or not Kim Jong Un monarchy with privileged elite will lose power. Ether by war or the starving people will eventually revolt and storm the Kim Jong Un supreme leader like storming the Basile in France. The people can't eat missiles and nukes that is something that is very basic. If you don't have that your future as a leader is a total failure. Play Sim City you must keep the electric power on or the people move away and your city will never grow. Same thing for a entire country named North Korea.

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