Ilhan Omar: Climate Change 'Greatest Threat That Humanity Has Ever Faced’

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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) spoke at a ‘School Strike’ protest in Washington, DC, on Friday where she said climate change is the “greatest threat that humanity has ever faced.” The global protest focused on the 11 years left for the planet if climate change isn’t fixed. Omar and the young people at the protest said the Green New Deal is the way to fix the crisis.


Ian says:


Martin Mabbs says:

Fuck off stupid bitch.

SC 03 says:

Omar is to Pimples on my butt couldn't popped.

American Defender says:

UN always searching for a new enemy to unite us…
1970’s : Global Cooling
1980’s: Ozone Depletion
1990’s: Global Warming
2000’s: Climate Change

Worthless libs says:

This clown is the threat we will deal with. Dealt with we will destroy!

samdee pride says:

Can anybody shoot her..

Edward Koelsch says:

This Muslim is anti American,easy to see ! She needs a bath in good ol American pigs blood !

smellydank360 says:

Islam is the greatest threat to humanity. The world will be swallowed by the sun one day you can’t save this planet

Mary McCullough says:

This is an attempt at wealth redistribution from the U.S. to third world nations. This is a wealthy country because hard working Americans made it wealthy. She wants us to send our money to countries where the politicians have robbed the coffers of everything and left the people to suffer. AMERICANS need to take a stand against her and her plan to send our money to line the pockets of the s***hole leaders of the world. I'm sure the menfolk of her family dictated what she was to say and they want our money sent to their uncle's and bothers in their homeland.

Andrew Hurley says:

Using climate change to cover up a wicked takeover of the nation just like in Canada. Using condemation is Muslim tactic.

Bartley Tuthill says:

You people are toxic… it's like a bunch of those NZ shooters just waiting for their chance. White nationalism is the most imminent threat to the safety of the people in our country. You guys have the guns, the training, shit you even have most of the military and police on your side so tell me why are you scared, and I why shouldn't I be?

Terry P says:

Climate Change Is The Least Of The World's Problems !!!!!

E.T. Lounge says:

Her nasty butt hole.

MadMax™ says:

No, Muslims, and leftists are the "Greatest Threat That Humanity Has Ever Faced."

The Oscar Report says:

One of the greatest threats to humanity, historically, has been Islam. Nowadays it's more of a threat because Western Politicians let Muslim in. Increasing crime in Europe, Australia etc.

ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia says:

Climate change can't be fixed, it is natural for the planet to change.

Cookie Love says:

Trojen horse beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing.

Jake Sullivan says:

Democrats try to scare people to death in order to get votes. Pathetic.

Fred Mineo says:

The greatest threat to give me energy is sharia

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