Promises Made Promises Kept Episode 1: Recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

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The mainstream media refuses to cover the successes of the Trump administration. In “Promises Made, Promises Kept”, RSBN’s Bailee Byers will showcase every week one of the many accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump since he took office.

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Kim Hammond says:

Great idea! Will watch ever episode.

jaberie308 says:

Well done, Bailee Byers. You look lovely and are always articulate. Keep on, keepin' on.

james ian says:

Now get that phallic dome out of there.

fred franks says:

It is truly amazing what our president has done for this country while the media stays silent or negative reports

Pepo TheLast says:

Good, but take US out of the Middle East.

Toby Beach says:


tree Climbing says:

Israel so needs America’s balanced support.

Rich D says:

I was a Trump supporter. I voted for Trump. I followed his entire campaign. Not once did he say anything about moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem! His agenda was America First! NOT Israel! A.M.E.R.I.C.A. Trump promised to BUILD THE WALL, his supporters also chanted & DEPORT THEM ALL. Trump led us to believe he cared about our culture and the "forgotten Americans"! That's WHITE, and LEGAL Minorities in America, who he now ignores! Trump has stabbed his most loyal supporters in the back! Trump does NOT protect our 2nd Amendment! He said "take the guns first, due process later", and now every state, especially those with Republican leadership, are passing Illegal Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws! Please tell him we don't want more "legal" immigration than ever before! We want our "Big beautiful wall"! Not once has Trump empowered his white voter base! Not once has he called on us to take our streets back! And when we began to take a stand, in his name, when we rallied for MAGA, we were the ones arrested and jailed! For self defense! For legal permitted rallies!
I don't know what he's doing, but he's not helping us at all! He's a liar!

LaurelBlue says:

Bailee! Well done, you! Look out fake stream media… here is a young patriot journalist to take your place! Ive been watching you and your team grow so fantastically over the last two years. Your delivery, pacing, speed are all so spot on! I'm happy I will be able to say, "I knew her when…" Keep it up, looking forward to your next episode!!

sullyz girl89 says:

Awesome. Look forward to next one. Keep America great

No more says:

Skin tones are awful in interview shot

Renegade MS says:

How is that a win for America first? Pres. Trump hasn't accomplished his agenda regarding immigration. We still haven't got a WALL at the Southern border, DACA is still on the books, sanctuary policies are emboldened, the margin of victory of Republicans is getting smaller and smaller, we're seeing border crossings increasing, and the voting demographic is moving further to the left.

But, Pres. Trump move the embassy to Jerusalem… That's weak and irrelevant.

Brittney Stark says:

You did such a great job bailey thats amazing your awsome!! Deftenly will check it out im a big fan of that saying promise made promise kept

Tightmanhole says:

'No Agenda'

Would you do a video on the Lavon Affair?

Michael Schwartz says:

they cant take that away

Maggi Rae says:

Very good. Practice will make perfect. Thanks for being out there.

Timmill Hill says:

I guess it’s now “Make Israel Great Again” Hey Don what about the USS Liberty? ☹️

Violet H says:

America First.

john eckhartjr says:

God bless President Donald J Trump for ending the inheritance tax you should decriminalize marijuana giving me other side nothing to vote with or four

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