Social Media #CorporateCollusion vs. Alex Jones Reaction Stream

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Phillip Schmidt says:

I have yet to hear anyone mention the stated reason for Alex Jones being blocked. Oh sorry only took you all 22:00 minutes, and none of you could accurately explain it. Also the pizza-gate Fiasco was solely Mike Cernovich's doing Jones only covered it directly after the fact.
Alex Jones was finally dealt with because six of the families who lost children at Sandy hook, and have been in hiding for the last three years attempting to escape constant attacks, death threats, and doxing by self discribed Alex Jones supporters. Have finally filed a class action lawsuit against Alex Jones. For slander and deformation for claiming these families were crisis actors.
You guys should seriously consider hiring a fact checker or researcher.
If you would like to know were Alex Jones gets his money I highly recommend checking out the podcast "Behind the Bastards" a couple weeks back the did a 2 part episode covering Jones from birth to current day and provides a list of the sources sighted on the website.
Also Ben Shapiro gets much of his funding funneled through Turning Point USA from the Kock's the Mercer's and our current education secretary.

Leman Russ says:


prism says:

There is no way ordinary people will learn to build and manage lots and lots of small online social circles. That is not a solution.

Now, for the purpose of organizing and coordinating resistance without being detected, such an approach is incredibly useful. If you and your friends want to communicate with true security, there are no public options for this. You need to implement your own secure communication on secure systems, as no third party server could be trusted with unencrypted information.

prism says:

Liberal ideas work great among true members of a cooperative group of people. Honest dialog without the threat of violence is how friends talk with each other, and liberalism is essentially a political philosophy of every citizen being friendly and respectful of the other citizens.

Once a fox is in the hen house, treating the fox as if it is just another chicken is absolutely stupid and suicidal. Marxism in all its various forms, including progressivism, is a wolf in the hen house. Chickens don't even stand a chance, and if you look throughout the history of Marxism, it has only ever been repelled by another vicious political movement, such as national socialism or some authoritarian regime.

America has shown herself to be incredibly tough in the face of such opponents, but over time our government has been bent and distorted incrementally towards socialism. It's exactly what should be expected from a society of non-predators when it is infiltrated by predators.

I'm not really sure about what to do about this situation. My hunch is that only after descending into even worse conflict will solutions start to clarify.

Bennie Blanks says:

Just to clarify, the ruling stated that Trump's personal public feed (where the public can reply) constitutes a limited public space. Trump can mute people, but he can't prevent them from engaging in the conversation.

The ruling only legally applies to That one portion of Trump's account.

Yes, it's the legal expression of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but the ruling was specifically worded in such a way that it can't be used as precedent to prevent conservatives from being banned from social media.

As usual, the left get to have their cake and eat it too.

Conner Warren says:

There is MeWe, but I haven't fully investigated it.

MsScrubs says:

Why doesn't Distributist vote again?

Mr Mike says:

Get on BitChute sir(s), you guys are next.

JagerIV says:

Have you made a gab profile yet? Who here has? Let me know when you have one, and what it's called.

Granger Montag says: is great, but it's primarily for organizations. Not really a FB alternative.

Porphyrogenitus says:

> Why are social media companies so concentrated?
One of your fellows in the discussion alluded to it by anther term: it's a network effect. Things involving network effects follow power law (Pareto distributions) to the Nth degree.
Everyone goes there because everyone else is on it, not because the service is so great but because the service literally is the presence of everyone else (if you can call it "service" – remembering that for social media companines, we are not the customer – we are the product to be sold; our eyeballs and our information are their product. This is also why they are valued so highly; it's not simply speculation on future financial profit. it's the influence it involves. For this again Frame Game Radio "Web of Lies" alludes to the importance. Money is only part of the coin of the realm, especially for the powers that be. The power to mind-frag others is far more important and valuable).

Porphyrogenitus says:

> The mainstream people at National Review and the Federalist part of this conversation or not.
They're like those characters in Ninteen Eighty-Four: Jones, Aaronson, and Rutherford.
I say this as someone who still likes to think of myself as a Misesian on many levels (the Auburn set is better on these questions; they do have interesting things to say. But they're also about as relevant as a good point made by C3P0, or by a livestream or a commenter on youtube – sorry to say. I still love Tom Woods).

Also, btw, minor aside here: the David Frenches, and Reason magazine types you speak of are the emblematic "cucks." They are like Greek Titans who were Personifications of this or that thing. "The Cuck Personified" – the Platonic Form of the "cuck."

Porphyrogenitus says:

Another good discussion here!
In this context I recommend highly, highly the Frame Game discussion with JF titled Web of Lies here on Youtube.
Long but essential.

David N says:

You guys are talking about alternate sites…..but you don't understand-your IP via everyone's service providers will disappear next.
Its over.

David N says:

Global Socialism => Neoliberalism => Corporate Facism => the new left == libertarianism <= American Right.

A Gator says:

The issue is not the software as Dist says. It's the overhead… The servers, the marketing and advertising, the domain registrar revoking your domain due to twitter mob pressure, the lawyers, the investors… You need a tech so disruptive that it negates all this stuff, or you need a huge wad of cash.

Like every frontier HTTP is starting to look a lot less like a frontier w/ time.

A Gator says:

Honestly it's on you guys to double and triple post everything to the indy platforms. If I could stay on mind or gab or bitchute and see content from the same people I follow on youtube and elsewhere I would not have to leave.

Lost Woods says:

Have set up a GAB account now, will look into bitchute when I get home.

Sun bro says:

Minds is a pretty good alternative to facebook.

FishBallista says:

I came for Distributist's keen insights on contemporary issues.

I got 10 loud autists with bad mics.

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