Milo Yiannopoulos Pretends to be Ilhan Omar!

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David Horowitz Freedom Center

West Coast Retreat
April 5-7, 2019

MILO pretends to be Representative Ilhan Omar, in a hilarious routine! He also makes several important points about Jewish existence in America and the problem with having Jew Haters in office.

#Ilhan #AntiSemitism #Muslims


The Eternal Anglo says:

Coming from a Malaysian Malay, this is funny because its true

Trent717250 says:

There are political activists, there are comedians and then there's Milo! 😀 amazing!

Veda C says:

Hollywood and islam align over their love of paedophillia.

SweetieTurner says:

hysterical ! oh dear… cheeks hurt from laughing so hard……I cant even type my eyes are blinded by salty tears…..oh…..I hope don't wake the neighbors….LOL  l…….snicker…..

Re Tard says:


Martha Vasquez-Weber says:

Funny as hell! The sad part is that it's all real! This is exactly what we have allowed to enter our government to bully us! I don't know about anybody else, but I seriously have had enough of this BS!…..

sabian 2014 says:

This is great!

JKevorkian says:

The only way to deal with these islamic bigots is to ridicule them

Aalisha Mcnair says:

ONE “JU” above all other “JUS”

Mary Stormtrooper says:

F@cking Brilliant Milo Well Done

joy0923 says:

This is why I love him….

Freud Ba says:

This is crap, but i bet he loved his outfit

Foxy FoxFox says:

I love this guy. He needs to come back to America.

PrasannaJ Paul says:

Daddy is Back!!

Valkh says:

Your boobies are showing though!!! Lol

Valkh says:

I love this Milo!!!!!! Lmao….. I should have known it was Horowitz time of year!!! Lmao

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