Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Addresses David Horowitz's West Coast Retreat

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Bethany Smith says:

Omar is a disgusting pig!

Chistine Binning says:

It’s about time you’re back! I missed you. Keep opening up people’s eyes to the truth!

Jerrold Moon says:

Comedy gold! By the way, thanks Minnesota! WTF were you thinking?

Stephen Upright says:

That was really funny, hilarious… I hope the more is coming…

James Baldwin says:

Death to Islam

Pedro Michel Parks says:

This is really, really good!

ROXEY says:

Milo… You outdid yourself!!!

j r says:

I will say it. I hate Muslims and everything they stand for. What? Do something

Hassan Hassan says:

It is disgusting, racist and not funny

Nidgehogg dragon says:

Nailed everything.. All truth.

sarah jenkins says:

Good job asshole she's getting death threats now ur mocking her disgusting

Rich H says:

Liberals are losing their minds now….. Lol….

Linda Kloss says:

Hellfire Ima kaffir and I'm shocked at this behaviour :'( god i miss u Muzzie Milo

Angel Mendez says:

Hahaha God blessed Milo, thank you

Marion Sedita says:


Jagjit Dusanjh says:

My God. Every single social justice wanker on planet earth is going to spurg out to the max after watching this shit…

Richard Navarijo says:

YOU'RE to much, I can see all the hate mail coming in. As long we are America = freedom of speech . Thanks

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