Big Brother Is Watching: Facebook ‘Accidentally’ Includes Secret Messages In Oculus VR Devices

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“The Masons were here” and “Big Brother is watching” are just two of the many secret messages that were accidentally included in thousands of Oculus virtual reality devices, the Facebook-owned company has revealed.
In a series of tweets Nate Mitchell, head of VR for Facebook, said the firm had mistakenly included the secret ‘easter egg’ messages on the soon-to-be-released Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest controllers. The messages were only supposed to be included in prototypes of the machines.

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Opal Rebecca Carnes says:

Did you know ,every appliance or TV you buy has a camera in it ? Facebook has been watching since 2004. Freemasons are everywhere. Demonic , very evil and Demonic !

Zealot Now Chosen says:

All planned, all working as intended.

Charles Thompson Mayer Jr. says:

(((They))) Live……..

Werewolf says:

No mistakes. Just Zuckerberg trying to cover his ass. Sorry Zuck, everyone knows about you and the CIA programs. Lol. What a sad little man. All that money and power and still can't help humanity.

Vivo Cano says:

An example of how this works. Told me mom ahead of time I was going to cut my hair then she flipped, then I told her the next day and was less resistant, the when I did she didn't care.

Enzed says:

Only an idiot would still dare to use FaceBook. Knowing how abusive this American website is….you stupid enough to use it, you get get everything you deserve.

If I can grow it so can you. says:

Big brother is watching all.
Old news.

Born Again says:

The Vatican does that with dog latin.

Ron0963 says:

People should just get RID of that "SMART" CRAP! All of it!! ..or maybe people are just that Stupid

Sam Herrera says:

my whole family are masons,my dad and uncle 32nd degree,we only do good things,quit trying to compartmentalize

benjigirl1971 says:

Dahboo this is poor journalism from you man. Unlike you. What is the back story here? I click on this vid and I have no idea what you’re talking about. Guess I’ll click the link to find out the context here cos this video didn’t inform me at all.

jamie turnage says:

i dont say anything on facebook i would not say to their face in person if i had the chance

Salmon Grundy says:

The esoteric lodge is metastatic cancer

Slim Johnson says:

Fbi = face book instagram 😉

Daniel Trottier says:

DAHBOO777 is controlled opposition.

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