Big Move! UN Signs Agreement to Oversee Mexico's National Guard

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Pam Ward says:

18 wheeler turned over in florida. A lady stopped to help.his crate box load was guillotine,s. Black suv get there before popo". She saw the crate and got outta dodge"". Don't blame her

Sharon Keith says:

I’ve heard that the UN is moving to Laos. True?! WHEN?!

rui pereira says:

” Ordo Ab Chao ” can't you see?

Big Jerry says:

This is why they're trying to take the guns out of the American people's hands so they can take over the country

Alondra Hernandez says:

Why is the U.N. ruining Mexico's National Guard? Hmmmm

Jay Dogg says:

Really???? I thought russia was moving into mexico

b4roni1 says:

how do you choose sides on a round planet. stop dividing, work together

wedonotconsent H says:

We do not consent

fname lname says:

Blue helmets are the enemy.

Alex Lowe says:

OBAMA GAVE UN THE RIGHT TO COME RULE U.S. he snuck this through,SIGNED IT around new years eve the year before he left office. 2015 If UN thinks we are in Crisis,they take over. Any kind of crisis,I suppose civil war is included in the UN'S paperwork. GO RESEARCH IT, this was talked about 1 time the day he signed,during the time when all are distracted with holiday business.

Harry Kays says:

U.N. is US Government puppet . It's destined to be world government . Republicans and democrats r 4 it 100%

Angela Cowin-Priest says:

That doesn't sound good!

John Rambo says:

It's all Trumph's fault…

Suzy Q says:

Meanwhile the latest migrants from south America, Africa, and Cuba have taken over and overwhelmed the local police in Chiapas, Mexico. Ms-13 are embedded and moving north. They are threatening to kill Trump, veterans, and "all the rich people".

ShaeD LifeStyles says:

Un 2030 our previous prime minister signed cananda into this shit not the current but regaurdless 2030 will be all UN

Pat Gray says:

God help us

KELLI2L2 says:

Actually Dahboo.. the UN is CREATING a National Guard for Mexico…

off2theright says:

What role will the UN troops play in operations in Mexico? Will they be stopping migrants at Mexico's southern border which would help Mexico and the US or assisting them to cross over the US border?

BGSLAM81 G. says:

Get ready folks for the tribulation. The one world government is in its final steps of being fully realized. The Pope is currently in the process of unifying the Faith's of the one world religion.

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