Facebook Investors Want to Check Zuckerberg's Power, Oust Him from Company Chair

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Facebook’s shareholders are gearing up for a fresh attempt to oust its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as chairman, as well as shake up the company’s governance, in the wake of “severe controversies” for the social network.
Documents filed by Facebook to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 12 outline the schedule of business for the company’s annual shareholder meeting at the end of next month, and include eight shareholder proposals. One of these calls for replacing Zuckerberg as company chair with a new independent member, so as to clearly separate the roles of company chair and CEO.

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Jeannie Griffin says:

The Crown's privey council runs it now. They want him out. O'Barry, really does hate America.

Josh Steel says:

Facebook could have been a great tool to bring people and the world closer but noooo… Zuk cockwomble and his cronies are greedy mofos and the government are even worse and should be absolutely banned from any influence and interference. Never going to be the case sadly.. tbh i have been thinking alot lately that my existence in this world the way it is and how its going is no longer sustainable… i think i really just want out and it might be time to just go and see what the next life has install..

Mysterious Argonaut says:


Avis Swope says:


Avis Swope says:


Ron0963 says:

it can shut right down for all i care ..and yes i use it, but not much lately, can't stand all the damn ads

Obscene Launch Vehicle says:

Nothing wrong with the design, Facebook just needs to not have Mark Zuckerberg and his autistic, speech censoring, algorithm. BE GONE WITH THEM!!!

S C says:

Since we’re all the tax payers and consumers, how about we all ban together and start ousting the elite and those in power we’ve had enough of? Money and large groups of people talk. Are you with me?

Dawn Warfield says:

Hope so, oust him!

sam phi says:

Mark I can't believe these dumb f***kers trust us Zuckerberg did kinda have a point.

WindorSolarPlease says:

Funny you should mention FB…Lately, having trouble with my home page on Facebook, sometimes I see it and sometimes I don't..Who knows maybe FB will eventually end??


I want my reparations

Word Revival says:

He’s a damn demon

Craig McDaniels says:

We need an alternative platform that doesn’t ban people for BS

Child of Christ says:

I seriously doubt Zuckerberg will feel like the average American though who goes to work and then has their mouth hit the floor when they realize how much taxes have been taken out of their checks! I guess there’s nothing like having the company you created being taken from you… How does it feel Zuckerberg? (That’s IF he created it and not DARPA)

Texan Tom says:

Shit they need to pay me i need a new bike really bad!!!

Bob 1 says:

You are so right that it's OUR information he's made his billions from and it's fucking wrong. I'd LOVE to see him fall.

Braulio Blanco says:

They were getting cutout of profits (shareholders) he was the guardian at the gate now the money hungry shareholders are gonna exploit everything for a profit. It's a proven fact people get greedy.

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