Israel's Lunar Lander Crashes On Moon

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Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft failed to land on the moon today after suffering a catastrophic engine and communications failure, according to

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Heroes says:

It must have been made by the same people that made the merkava tank. It's a pile of junk too.

Heroes says:

All the technology they have they stole from other countries.

Building Alaska says:

Breaking news!!! The ADL just came out and claimed space is racist and must be censored.

William Bosworth says:

Looks like a shower head Lego toy. Bunch of bull shot in a green screen set at CNN. Now Israel is in on the scheme.

Eric says:

Cant land on the moon in 2019 without any issues but in 1967 we sure did right? NOT!

Rick James says:

It's a lie. They want you to think it failed.

Estebahn Randolph says:

Communication glitch? It was hit by Alien moon rock and knocked over .

jeremiah1st says:

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Gods chosen failed. How is that possible

Dustin Nickle says:

Who took the picture

wrightterence680 says:

Israel should've had help from the United States

Beautiful Nightmare says:

It didnt crash they only want you to think it did so they can operate incognito and not give us updates on what they are up to.

Georgia Boy says:

remember that POS with all of the atari graphics that supposedly took off from the moon!! looked like a cartoon

Georgia Boy says:

how about this? it never went and it was all bull$hit

jmsep84 says:

Silly wabbit….

Diane Jones Wolford says:

Hahaha. What a load of dung.

John Sutter says:

You mean the lander American tax payers financed? IJS

Mr.DodgeCity55** says:

A. I is not welcomed here

Charles Watts says:

I thought Isreal had all the geniuses that were going to save the world?

The Invisible Man says:

I've seen better special effects on MST3K.

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