Russia Warns "New World Order" Being Formed

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared today that the Western, liberal model of society is dying, and a new world order is taking its place.

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Nightflight says:

Yes, and Putin wants a larger role in it.

Glenn Zlotowski says:

Masons vs bilderberg


They meant a (((Jooz World Order))).

D C says:

Jesus is God wake up! Stop being asleep. God in flesh form. Stupid people always saying they are separated beings. You been indoctrinated

Tony Mcnamara says:

How do we stop it from happening with so many people already lost to it?
Trapped in their make-believe social media world, head down, burried in their phone's.
Then other's that just ignore it all as conspiracy theory and carry on because they feel, 'This is just how life is'.
Over 7 billion people on this rock and only a small handful actually running it all.
Already Europe is/has being devided with National identity being stripped away and massive, Immigration/Invasion of non-indiginous people to water down Ethinicity of each Country creating Mongrol races, (No Ethnicity, no Nationality, no Identity. It's not Racism, it's Genocide! Happening Globaly, not just in Europe).
Next year, the Lisbon Treaty come's into force here, (U.K./E.U), that means we become a Federal State of Europe, losing ALL Sovereignty, take orders from Brussels, no longer setting our Laws, Taxes etc.
This is one reason why Brexit is being delayed, (there are other reasons too).
But going back to my original question, how do we stop it when it's already in motion?

Brandon Cooney says:

Putin is one of the biggest tools of the NWO. & his grandfather was a house servant for Joseph Stalin. He also mode HOLO-HOAX denial illegal in Russia. & his mother is a jew so that makes him a Jew.

whatmeworry for the people? says:

Also, who 'funded' Lenin and Carl Marx. Who literally 'thought up' and 'exported' communism? Stage indeed.

Tracey Cook says:

It’s going to follow the Bible all the way.. even the atheists before to long will have to admit there is a God

Ron0963 says:

how about WE ALL Ban together! Let's make OUR WORLD Harmonious Again!!
un? ,Gone! ..Bankers? .Gone!, ..Gov? ,Gone! …those who think they hold power above you? Gone!
They know the people are tired of the Crap!

coonhound queen says:

Great delivery. Thank you

History's End says:

Dude were living end days. 3yrs it took me and i cracked the book of revelation. The Anti-Christ has shown his face. 31 days left the borders are going to stay open for population control. They are being sent to sanctuary cities. The book of Revelation not magical or biblical for that matter. The Zionists are using this as a playbook. Forget about everything you believed in. No mars, nibru, all this outer space stuff is nonsense. The Zionest are getting ready to put an end to us.

temp911Luke says:

You can stop being Putin fan boy already.
There might be a lot of Christians in Russia but it doesnt mean russian politicians are.
Russia has always been a communist, tyranical country. You need to learn more about their aggressive history from books, not from russian propaganda, especially the one in mass media and youtube.

PS: You complain about lack of freedom and censorship in USA ?
Dude…for real. Move to Russia for at least a month. You will know what lack of freedom and cenorship really are 🙂

horsefaceemily says:

Putin / Russia Is part of the NWO with the Controllers China to all of them.

Niamh Sorcha says:

Lavrov never used the Term "New World Order" in any way, shape or form. The title of the video is misleading. Ppl should use the the link in the description box and read the zerohedge article with full quotes to understand what Lavrov really said.

Harlem Brown says:

Im sick of the shitshow. Let truth be manifested


I agree whit the guy below me ⤵

Lynn Sager says:

Well Russia it’s been formed for years!! Where have you been comrade

David Burton says:

Wow man, could you make it any plainer? Spawn of the fallen ones? Have you figured out who you are and what time it is? What about satans in shoe leather or something more alluring? Who is the man of Revelation 14? Not Christ because He wouldn't need to have an angel tell him when to reap the world. The reaping is specific to taking out the garbage in the original Greek. Those who follow John 3:16 had best check out Luke 19: 27. That's in there too. The book of Obadiah has yet to be fulfilled and there is Zechariah chapter 14 to consider. Best.

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