Strong Threat of Tornadoes, Severe Weather Outbreak Expected In The South, Midwest

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A BULLSEYE of hazards coming together this weekend. Tornadoes, hail, wind, lightning, AND flooding?! Tune in to #WUTV tonight to find out when YOU should be prepared + send us your questions for the experts to answer!

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Dragon YAS says:

That tornado just got away and I just got my WiFi back my heart was pounding straight out of my chest during the whole thing

fuck trump bastard says:

I hope a tornado kills trump

The Lone Warrior 999 says:

All kinds of chaos coming, my gut tells me that my home state Idaho will be seeing an uptick in earthquakes, we typically don't see very many and they are never very big, but I got a feeling that is going to start changing.

Lovely Mikaelaa says:

Tornado states:
South Carolina

Thunderstorm states:
West Virginia
North Carolina

Stay safe everyone. I’m in central ohio

Mary Perez says:

Thank u..i have family in big spring, texas..

Francis Mausley says:

Thank you. After precautions, we can pray. "Dominion is God's, the Lord of the seen and the unseen, the Lord of creation." "Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! He is God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!" ~ Baha'i Faith

Pika Asriel says:

Yay I'm in dead center of that 🙂

Juan Lopez says:

Im in north georgia so ill be keeping track of this system. Living in a trailer is sketchy sometimes!

MAGA TRUMP20/20 says:

That time of year . I'm from Arkansas and it gets wild every year

Kathy Carver says:

Do you know I keep checking for my forcast on line for Sunday in South Georgia, only mentions a chance of storms. I'm thankful you posted a video about it or I wouldn't have known!

theresa Berkan says:

Funny wis had statewide tornado drill was supposed to be on thurs was postponed for today one was started at 1pm as a watch then 145pm it went to warning another one was at 645pm as a watch 730 as warning they postponed thursday time because we had a rain snowstorm

Richard C. says:

All of these storms are occurring in red states. Coincidence?

Min Man says:

Praayers going up!

Wendy A. Presley says:

I'm n north miss it has looked wicked all day!! Strange clouds strange colors very eery

M R says:

Thank you for the heads up. I don’t watch tv so it is very helpful. Currently in Dallas and it was a nice day today besides the heavy chemtrails.

Adam B says:

My dumbass neighbor is building a fence, not to code, and we are in the upper middle TN area. I tried to warn him to do it properly and that the first strong storm that comes through his panels are going to be everywhere, as mine has stood the test of time. I'm going to be laughing my ass off so hard tomorrow or possibly into Sunday when his shit is everywhere!

QuakingUp says:

I'm in Texarkana (Texas/Arkansas), I'll update with info as it happens

ursaltydog says:

As of early this morning I had already received warnings about tornadic weather coming for this SUNDAY…. I've never received a warning that much ahead of time.. and I HATE WIND… can't see crap coming from the mountains and trees around here..

Jeff Nix says:

I live in LA (lower Arkansas )

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