They Don't Know What To Say!

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morphine62 says:

candice is the man…

Pinky Gpigs says:

Epic!!!!! God bless!

Randy 51 says:


Bj D says:

Can you imagine her taking on those silly democrat bitches. Hahaha and they couldn’t play the sex or race card!!

Pauline Ng says:

If blacks have heard this and still vote for demonrats, they deserve to be enslaved by their demon masters!

Veljko Savic says:

Candace Owens for president 2024!

Doug Duplassie says:

Bang on. She's on fire and so right. The truth hurts. You can see it on their faces.

Bj D says:

Candace Owens!!! What withering reply.OMG she’s awesome! She’d do as the first woman president!

neil hellens says:

If the old fart with the gavel spent less time dying his hair black and more time listening then the process would be more fair.

strfltcmnd. says:

politicians are terrified by anyone that can think for themselves.

Chuck Little says:

Nadler looks like he got a bad botox shot to the head

Brad Schneider says:

Candice, the good Lord has blessed you with a quick wit, ability to communicate sisinkly (sp) and a passion that is causing a change(for the better)

7A says:

GODDAMN, look at all those FUGLY JEWS!!!!
once again, politics=show business for ugly people.

Austin France says:

WOW. That was a beautiful speech

charles pidgeon says:

Love this lady

IMEE Allen says:

i love you csnduce

Pain Rider says:

Well considering that the left still doesn't know what a "Fascist" or a "Nazi" really is(left wing extremists), you can't expect idiots to actually know what Candice Owens really is.

Seriously? They really don't…and attempts at explanations of REAL HISTORY are shouted down and I get verbally slaughtered.

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