Trump Threatens to Release Migrants In Sanctuary Cities

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President Trump said Friday he was open to releasing migrants detained at the border into mostly Democratic “sanctuary cities,” suggesting that the idea should make liberals “very happy” because of their immigration policies.

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joe shit the ragman says:

dude … word up … they are ILLEGALDS they don't have a home here they have NO rights just human they are breaking the law & screwing the people who are waiting and doing things Legally

624TG says:

If that is what Trump is doing then at least cut off ALL federal funds from those cities.

Tony Joe says:

Are you not reading the news? They are already releasing 100,000 per month into our country and the dems are blocking us from stopping it. You think Trump is a dictator. Hes not, he has to go by certain rules and restrictions.

Tony Joe says:

You want them released into red states instead? Trash analysis here imo. Force the dems to sue to block illegals from their sanctuary cities. This is called CHECK-MATE.

K Bell says:

America seems to be struggling with this issue because the usual plan to shoot everyone can't be employed (yet).

Sam Wilson says:

and yet again the illustrious president proves he's a headless chicken….all supporters need a mental health check

H Sunset says:

Trump: Troll Level 100

lila monaco says:

Trump's best idea in a long time! This will be a litmus test for the Democrats! Let them camp out on Pelosi's wine vineyard and the Governors yard!

rene woods says:

I don't understand. .turn them around at the border! Send them back where they come from! Why allow them in, in the first place! Ridiculous!

john witherspoon says:

Descendants of Modern European Colonizers are not Americans. Stop with the birthright theft.

PUFFY ADDERSON'S Fake News trolling CHANNEL!!! says:

well at least DAHBOO777 is onto it!!!! and knows!!!

PUFFY ADDERSON'S Fake News trolling CHANNEL!!! says:

let em then! I don't live in one!!! I am a LEGAL U.S. Citizen! thanks!

ftra1987 says:

Now Demoncrats are against it.

Audrey Sorg says:

Sounds good. Keep them there. Actually, send them all to Pelosi's house.

Dan Erickson says:

They don't have to stay there. No walls around them cities.

George Gutierrez says:

I love it you people are stupid I'm leaving my city now I hope thy get it, thy want now thy don't, these people are stupid.

Chris Fowler says:

I think he's just sick of the Democrats crying so he is saying, fine, you want them? You've got them. Deal with it. Hopefully it will sway some voters. I think he's just fed up with liberals setting up a blockade no matter what he tries to do.

Steve austin says:

So Again….With this action….Tell me the difference between Trump and Obama? Because I can't see it.

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