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How has Modi changed India?
In 2014, Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party swept into power as India’s first single-party parliamentary majority in 30 years. Despite unfulfilled campaign promises, a renewed fervour for Indian nationalism and security issues is likely to help him at the polls. As more than 900 million voters decide on whom to cast their ballots for, we ask whether India wants five more years of Modi and the BJP.

Economic woes
One of Narendra Modi’s most touted campaign pledges was to create 10 million jobs annually. Instead, his government has been accused of creating India’s worst unemployment crisis in 45 years. And in India’s rural regions, a continued agrarian crisis has farmers protesting for increased subsidies and debt relief. How will economic concerns influence Indian voters at the polls?

Social media misinformation
In India – the world’s second largest Internet user market – there are fears that political misinformation via social media could impact the election. Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter are some of the platforms that have taken steps to combat fake accounts and deceptive messages ahead of voting. But even these companies say that the spread of misinformation is impossible to fully contain. What else is being done to address the issue?

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Al Jazeera English says:

Thank you for watching, everybody. More from The Stream here: aljazeera.com/thestream

Khumti Thongs says:

I support rahul

Dark Knight says:

No no no no , Modi is Harmful for India .

hamidakhan37 says:

Yes India wants sinse

Ramona Netto says:

In my years of experience…Modi is the worst PM we've ever had……

Sada e lslam says:

Lanat modi kutay

Libral Mullah-Allah اللہ says:

Fake And Buyist Channel.

kunal 788 says:

This election is all about the question that will Modi have clean majority or will he require alliance. There is no question of Congress or Rahul Gandhi.

Anierutan Balaji says:

Qatar s a nation which can never have democracy but criticizes democratic countries . How hypocritic

Jaleel ahmed Jallu says:

We need rahul as prime minister… Modi doing hate politics…

Rasheed Munthaz says:

No more modhi

Salman Syed says:

No modi needed 2019

Muhammad Owais Qadri says:

Modi is thief

Arif Hussain says:

Modi is fake leader wanted to change sharia law for muslims changing he is responsible for lynching he is deviding hindu muslims where muslims n hindus living as brothers since 1000years if he wins he wants to end elections system in his power poverty rate is increased corruption doubled he became as business executive for top four business groups of india if he becomes again pm india will be more poorer ever before

Mohammad Anis says:

Modi govt.communal govt .dividing india,has done nothing

Titli says:

Hi Al Jazeera,

Thank you for TRYING to sway the Indian voter/global citizen's opinion. Let me tell you, that this is the most biased news source anyone can be exposed to. Let me just share the ground reality of a state in India called Haryana, which is where my family is from, and I constantly visit my Mom's village there to ask about their feelings about the current government. These are some of the things I hear from them 1) Under the "Beti Bachai Beti Padhao (Save the daughter, educate her), enrolment of girls in schools in India has shot up and female infanticide has decreased. 2) Every home in Haryana has a functioning toilet and is actually being used out of a safety concern for women going to the bathroom in isolated areas 3) They have free health care for the poor which is being used (in particular by people in my mom's village). 4) 50 000 to 10 lakh rupee loans to small businesses which people we know have used and created profiting businesses from 5) Guaranteed pension for people with a monthly income less than 15,000 Rs 6) Bridges to reduce traffic have been built, are incredibly effective and in use 6) Access to bank accounts and financial services to weaker sections of society. The most amazing part of this scheme has been, that, many women in my Mother's village say, with so much pride, how they now have a bank account and they use it and save money in it- old women and young- and how it gives them a sense of independence. 7) Projects to clean rivers of India going on with measurable progress 8) Government support and employment opportunities provided to artisans and weavers of Indian (1,50,000 employed under this scheme). And the list goes on and on. Your channel would be more believable if it tried to present both sides of his journey.

Umesh Shahane says:

hahaha irony died million times when, hijab/niqab whatever ninja costume clad Islamist anchors comment on democracy in a Islamist sultanate.

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