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Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer but more than half of its population lives in extreme poverty.
In his recent election campaign, President Muhammadu Buhari promised to diversify the economy away from oil. But Nigeria is even struggling to grow its own food.

Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Ogun State.
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Joseph Smith says:

One delivery at a time??? Nigeria needs to act fact… The Niegerian population will be about 400 Million by 2050 and 800 Million by 2100. So they need to create a developed country to sustain that much people…

Joseph Smith says:

Before oil was discovered in Nigeria, it was one of the most productive agricultural economy in Africa, yup even better than Zimbabwe…

YSN Rodd says:

Can’t imaged living there

Forever L says:

Keep your oil away before USA come to "democracy" it

Kunle Tenibegiloju says:

The people way there carry cassava go another country way EBA and FUFU are very expensive for there country product way government are not invest on it to make surplus way there carry go another country is among what make food expensive oòooo

Big Cake says:

Anything is progress for Nigeria.

Berend Emanuel says:

The fact that they never exported other tings than oil even though they had the money and means to export it all, shows why the people still live in poverty and people flee the country

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