🇵🇰 Pakistanis form human mosque to pay tribute to Christchurch victims | Al Jazeera English

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Thousands of Pakistanis clad in white gathered in the central city of Jhang to make a human image of New Zealand’s Al Noor mosque, paying tribute to the victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks where 50 people were killed.

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Āris Plūģis says:

Islam is peace? 😀 lol so that is why so many peaceful terror attacks on us.

avs octo says:

What Propaganda, where was this vigil during Mumbai and Pulwama.

Mahis world says:

first stop killing christians and hindus in your country
as sri lankans we see pakistan is really backward country full of religious people

Bala M says:

Can anything better than religion be done !

Bollina mohan satya balakrishna says:

There is no single women there means no equality,why in Islam countries women remain inside

Feroz Sayyad says:

Just one Thing…
Xinjiang, china…. If u have any guts pakistan.. U must take action against ur daddy china… Who's detaining millions of Muslim..and doing an ethnic cleansing… Shame on u and ur Muslim love u can't say a single word to China… Just don't pretend to be a Muslim ummah sympathiser…

explorerelka says:

Did any of you see any WOMEN in this HUMAN MOSQUE formation? Ironic, isnt it?

Crazy Indian says:

Stop making human bomb at first

Manoj Kumar Verma says:

Al Jazeera also show the position of hazara community in Pakistan .

dilip s says:

Peace and Pakistan can't be more far away from each other.

Joseph Smith says:

There are no gods! No gods will every come! All these people fighting over some ancient concept….

Mark Lo says:

Mashallah brothers this is what is sincerity is

Achmad Iqbal says:

Respect Pakistan from Indonesia

Justin Hudson says:

There must be elements of bigotry in Pakistan because that response never existed for many other non-Muslim victims of terrorism and hate.

natural mulundu says:

… why didnt they make a mosque shape for the yazidi people massacred by they muslim terrorists ? … why dont they release asia bibi ? why should they be publishing this when these people only do this when it concerns their own …. so no …..

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