🇻🇪 Venezuela: Communities combats US sanctions with solidarity | Al Jazeera English

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As the political crisis in Venezuela deepens, the country’s economy continues to suffer and sanctions imposed by the United States are making things worse.
Water shortages and rising inflation have made living conditions even more difficult, but there are those who are trying to benefit politically while the people suffer.

Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal reports from Caracas,

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A Albo says:

This has been a problem for many years. I have been sending food in boxes to my family for years. It's only been recently that the United States applied sanctions.

IamOn aHorse Cidcid123456 says:

Americans cant stop stealing till this date

vincent fong says:

Venezuela should copy North Korea. They are doing quite well despite heavy sanction. North Korea has no oil, no generous neighbours to help

Mario C says:

America is so corrupt its not funny. They will do anything to be special and not run the same race as everyone else.  Like how incredibly selfish would you have to be to think owning a yacht is more important than a child having clean water.  In Canada there is a similar problem we have prime minister who says nice things but spend 200k on A desk before make sure children up north had access to clean water.  Imperialist, colonialist lies

Whitney Houston says:

Maybe Maduro should resign and this can all end

Alexandre Alienigena says:

Venezuela is a bad idea, end this.

T WE says:

Venezuela: go away Yankee imperialist, we want nothing to do with you.

America: Okay fine, buy your own oil

Venezuela: stop it your killing us

G T says:

your propaganda is beter than RTs, i have to give you that

fadil herdityawan says:

Jewnited Snakes will get nuked one day, and thinngs will be (almost) even.

Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen says:

Greedy Americunt will take your oil and run to the bank.they never given nothing back to you.

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