A war over land and identity in South Africa: Part 1

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A government proposal sparks racial tensions between white and black South Africans, suggesting the government should seize land from white owners, without payment.


Black-shark says:

The locals should not be killing innocent farmers but also it's their land so…

Bunchoffuckingbullshit says:

Why do white people get so upset when they get treated the way they've treated other races?

Bunchoffuckingbullshit says:

Payback's a bitch.

Collin Hennessy says:

Lauren Southern already made a great documentary about this.

Make Racists Afraid Again says:

Racists of ANY skin color are Filthy Pigs.

guny eyes says:

I am a South African and know how bad it is in South Africa

Mr Smarty Pants says:

Let me get this right. You're mad someone is trying to steal the land you stole from someone else..

Jaime Stephens says:

Americans future!!!

Cry Aloud Spare Not says:

Oh look the old tired white media is trying to pretend whites are the victims lol

Ava Tekle says:

You come on my land steal my car by violence then pass it on to your children then ask my children to pay to get the stolen car back even tho the courts and government decided it’s stolen. Seems to me the European want the African to pay for European sins while they reap the reward.

Strikeout K says:

What are those whites doing there anyway?? You dont belong there. It's south AFRICA.


It is very simple. The racist white South Africans NEED to go or stay in someplace isolated. I do not feel sorry when you kill, steal and destroy and then oppressed the majority crap like this may happen. If that white South African actually did pay for the farm she needs to be compensated but she brought stolen land.

San Junipero says:

Colonizers will never have true peace on stolen land. Just like you could never steal a home and live in peace. Go home.

Peter says:

The South Africans are just doing what the Haitians did after white people wronged them.

Peter says:

Out of all of the countries where there are so many newsworthy stories, the one country that ever makes the news is South Africa or Nigeria, and the only people it talks about mainly in South Africa are the white people… I'm not trying to diminish what is going on in South Africa, but if you want to make stories about Africa, try to talk about what happens in more than the mainstream countries, and talk about more than the things that effect white people the most as there is a lot to talk about concerning everyone else.

Ardith She says:

Feel sorry for white farmers who did not see this coming and feel they should be compensated for the land they worked hard on. However this civil war movement of the indigenous people of South Africa will probably never be reversed, and white farmers are going to have to face facts in the long run and eventually relocate to another safer place.

travelfox721 says:

What an absolute nightmare the European ancestors have created for this planet.
GREED is what brought us to this point and now everyone has to suffer for it.

Special ED Andrew says:

This is been going on for a while no one report

Adam Gruds says:

Man if you white and you got money and you ain't in the U.S. you doing it wrong

knowslittle 2 says:

My friend on Zynga Poker was murdered there.She had an electric fence so they must of broke through

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