Man who allegedly threw 5-year-old from mall balcony faces attempted murder charge

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Emmanuel Aranda, 24, was angry because he’d been rejected by women he approached at the Mall of America, authorities said.



Rejected? What the hell that ain't mental illness … His ego got hurt so he took it out on a kid.


Experiment sent to Mars.

David B says:

First crazy black incel

Mz Wisdom says:

I truly feel bad for the little boy and the family. This man was seriously Mentally I'll.

Emily Boggs says:

omg when i heard this on the news i was shook cause i was there the week before and he could’ve been there creeping


Someone throw him off a building

John Taylor says:

No pussy getting ass loser blow his head off then throw him off the same floor clown

TauntingBatmanV1 says:

I hope this bitch dies in prision such a fucking coward killing a kid because women rejected him. Bet he wont get turned down in prision.

MandaFandaa says:

Definitely can’t be in your right mind to do something like that. Horrific.

H McDaniels says:

No one should harm a child under any circumstances. There is no excuse. He should be executed. The sooner it will be one less crazy person to worry about.

Steven Ferruzza says:

Emmanuel Aranda. deserves 25 to life. Or a quick excution. there is no excuse for what he did. mental issues or nothing. I pray for the little boy landen and pray Emmanuel gets what he deserves

bailey h says:

I say bring him to the 4th floor and throw him off.

Anita Manjunath says:

Prayers for the boy. He will be alright by God's grace.

Muddy puddles says:

Mental illness, or a hidden agenda?
Hope the little boy pulls through.

V says:

Funding was cut for the mentally ill not long ago.

Lance Eason says:

Can we just throw him off the 3rd floor now?

MrShanester117 says:

I have no idea why he would want to do that. He was sitting at home, eating some chips and he said. “I have a great idea.”

Hearing the Truth says:

The Coward went after a small child. He knew he could not kill an adult. He knew that they would hurt him. So he went after someone he could over power.
Regards to the family.
Prayers for there child.


The Male ego is so fragile. Cant take rejection

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