Parisians find comfort in song as they pray for beloved Notre Dame Cathedral

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The church – known as “Our Lady” – was built in the Middle Ages and completed in the 12th century.


TheJules1003 says:

Au nom du père, et du fils et du saint esprit Amen.

CoreyStudios2000 says:

I’m tired of hearing people saying dumb shit “Oh, I bet they are gonna make a mosque for Allah,” or “the science-loving atheists burnt it down and want to ruin our Christian values,” or even “this is a sign of God’s anger against the idol-worshippers of Catholicism! Turn to Christ and become an evangelical today!” Fuck off, assholes! This is a sacred monument built by the Christ-loving people who happened to be my Catholic French ancestors. It went in flames and its a great tragedy. I pray to the Almighty that it gets rebuilt. Seriously, learn to be respectful before you start spitting out conspiracy theories, xenophobia, or Evangelical proselytizing tactics.

PhoenixofSun says:

How do you pray for a building?

Morris Lin says:

What does France did for Jesus now? Does this country follow what Jesus said?Does this country follow what Bible taught?

Cody Columbia says:

Wow CNN look ABC was capable of reporting on this without somehow incorporating Trump into it like you lovely folks did.

Alfredo Trujillo says:

Pray to god to rebuild it stronger and more beautiful

Playfulpanthress says:

What happened? That whole thing, and they didn’t mention how it started. Did someone set it? Was it an accident? Did it get struck by lightning??? What happened??!!?

Denise Harris says:

No one hears their prayers for that wicked church

Denise Harris says:

Burn baby burn…….

Truth says:

God dammit this is sad.

Alexa, Play Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

Mardan P. says:

Are there so many Catholics in France?????

Wildhoney says:

Babylon the Great The world empire of false religion will be just as swift and unexpected! just wait for it!

Paul john says:

Which god do they pray to

Alan Sampedro says:

Wish you people could come in unity just like you are right now but when there are thousands dying everyday in poor undeveloped countries you do nothing but when something like this happens, here we are in 2019 crying for a fucking building!

Hector Morales says:

Bet you a million bucks they will try and link this to the yellow vest stuff. I hope not. And I hope it really wasn't linked to that. it would be a stain on their otherwise righteous movement

PDZ1122 says:

Praying?? Anyone see the irony?

just tired says:

Even Mother Theresa was a whore of a woman. Sold her soul to the satanic leaders of the catholic church. She abused and used the sick and poor and let them die only to steal money from the ignorant masses for the church. No wonder she was a Saint. She helped procure many funds for the evil that is the catholic church.

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