Police probing how college senior snuck into bell tower and fell to her death

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Sydney Monfries, 22, who was set to graduate from Fordham University, will receive a posthumous degree; none of the students involved in the incident will face disciplinary action.


starskie96yt says:

what a dumbbell. or dumb belle.

John Taylor says:

This girl is very smart

TauntingBatmanV1 says:

Notre Dane cathedral catches on fire such a such a tragedy this girls like hold my beer I want be in the headline.

poncho828 says:

Darwinism doing work.

Swamp Balls says:

Better her than me

Jeffrey Davis says:

How do you accidentally fall off the bell tower? Sad, and completely avoidable

Matthew Strong says:

Lol she still gets a degree!

SII-VII says:

do it for the gram

Saul Goodman says:

All for social media.

Rai Qinn says:

She learned everything but common sense in college.

hilariouslyfunny 01 says:

This so tragic,, she shouldn't have climb up to begin with.. so dangerous unless someone push her.. Just saying

Mr Smarty Pants says:

People seem to never learn..

Izreal Zeus says:

Sounds like a human sacrifice or possibly a cover up. Jesuits are pure evil. Fordham is a Jesuit college.

Daniel Tanner says:

Ya she probably fell trying to take a selfie?

Lisa Locke says:

Kids think they will live forever. I have two sons, 21 and 23… I worry sometimes about them thinking nothing bad will ever happen if they choose to do things they shouldn’t. I feel awful for her parents.

Matrix Divion says:

What an idiot

DJ Chai Wallah says:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Payhole Everdouche says:

Let's pray that she sexperiened the joys of anal sex with quadrupeds before her physical fall.
On another note, What exactly is a Post-Hummus Degree good for? After all, making hummus isn't all that difficult.

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