This EU Law Could Change The Internet Forever (HBO)

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On the 26th March the European Parliament voted to pass ‘The copyright directive in the digital single market.’

But what may sound like an innocuous piece of bureaucracy, has actually proved highly controversial. On the weekend preceding the vote, around 100,000 people took to the streets across Europe to protest the new law.

Lawmakers claim the directive will protect the rights of online creators, but opponents say it’s unintended consequence will be to restrict freedom of speech.

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DJ says:

elected officials have no clue how the internet works, and their only source of advice is probably the lobbyists from big media

There’s no lobbyist for us… the average joe on then met

Rick Rojas says:

Maybe they already have a program to filter the internet and they are using this law to launch it hmmmmm…. World wide censor ship coming soon too a browser near you

The Prestigious says:

Europeans need to stand up to the radical EU. It is nothing but point blank censorship.

LupinThe3rd says:

Cough cough ddos cough cough

APEX says:

Haha this is America

One Small Step At The Time says:

I think the internet as we know it is flawed in essence. Why should people be allowed to be anonymous in the first place? And isn't it weird that the companies who break most of the existing rules, who apply the least amount of scruteny against there content are the companies that become the biggest? I.e. Facebook YouTube etc.

World Observer says:

Ya the EU is a force for good right… right?

spelunkerd says:

I've heard complaints from small channel Youtube authors who live in Europe, too. Heavy handed bureaucracy by people who don't understand the platform at all. It's bad enough that even parent company Google doesn't understand the importance of viewer comments….

Rekkn_ says:

Time to use my vpn and pirate sites even more 🙂

Mac Bizzo says:

Regardless of continent, creed, or country, OLD MEN have oppressed this planet for over 5000 years. Everything for educational purposes will be deleted before its published.

HellsSgt says:

let them !!!!!! they (the governments) just keep taken away our rights more and more, till the day will come when the people say enough is enough …and that's how the revolution will start

Adony Francisco says:

This is a good video to be shared with others to give them awareness of what's Happening

klutz395 says:

US: No one will ever ruin the internet as much as us since we repealed net neutrality!

China: Tell that to my great Firewall and censorship.

EU: Hold my bier…

jaime delgado says:

nobody is killing memes. we will fire up tor and meme on the dark web if need be

Jordan landers says:

Welcome to the EU superstate

Jamie Gladstone says:

Big up Brexit saving us from a meme drought!

Tomo 0220 says:

Too many edgey kids

Felix F says:

[Comment redacted under Article 13]

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