Understanding Yang Gang | 1791

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Lex Villena — 3D & 2D Animation, Writer

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jflo069 says:

Democrats dont have a chance to win White House for the next 10 years , change my mind .

Tim Koch says:

Dude, you're approaching 5 words a second. Have you considered becoming a rapper?

Brian Lewis says:

Is it just me or is this channel becoming more, well less conservative?

Tom Ganks says:

If a large chunk of the left won't support Yang due to conflicting ideals, then an equal amount of conservatives and centrists will combat it with support. Many of us voted for Trump because he was simply the best push against a socialist agenda. But now we need to decide if we need to keep fighting the same battle, or if we're at a point where we need someone who understands the economy and working people on a more precise level.

Barry Beaumont says:

Perfect video summarising Yang and the times

Tom Ganks says:

We know you just show your face so you don't have to edit your videos as much
Still, top notch editing nonetheless

victor perez says:

Why do you talk so fast? I have to replay this video like 3 times to get everything you say.

Aurora says:

A Right's gateway to the Left.

zvxcvxcz says:

+1791 Ah, ok, I know who you are, I'm a bit embarrassed it took almost three minutes into the video to pin you down 100%. Your white supremacy arguments suck monkey balls. Go debate Destiny, no one else with any common sense has the patience for your inane victimhood complex, the paragon of hypocrisy that you are, with literally some of the most hateful and ignorant identity politics in existence. It's awfully convenient that so many of you white supremacists are so fucking dumb, makes you easy to spot. That's a general trend in the world for criminals and bigots, and the rest of us are very lucky for it, because the whole world would be screwed if these kinds of people were actually smart enough to not be blindingly obvious to anyone paying attention. Granted, you hide it a little better than most of them, trying to tug on other feels with your appeals to suicide rates to bolster your basic argument that whites are being replaced and that it is equated with the fall of civilization. The only remaining question is how bold you are with pushing conspiracy that white replacement is a planned event. If what supremacy wasn't the prevailing undercurrent in your video, then I think your analysis would be far more useful. You're identifying and discussing some very real problems, but I think your proposed solutions do not logically follow and are ultimately antithetical to core American values. And by 'your solutions,' I don't mean UBI, there were a lot of other "problems" you were raising and "solutions" you were suggesting.

triplea657aaa says:

Honestly Yang is the only Democrat that really has a chance at beating Trump right now. That could change, but for now Yang is the only one who can attract both sides and has the swing States on his side.

Beet Oven says:

why is this video backed up with creepy ominous music? sounds like good news to me

Fugshot1 says:

Damn dude, please slow your speech a little. Good video otherwise

usquanigo says:

Give people money for college, and college prices go up. Give people money for everything, and prices for everything will go up. This will never solve anything – other than buying votes.

bgoodfella7413 says:

UBI and working LESS than 40 hours a week sounds good to me.

usquanigo says:

If he gets anywhere, he'll change his tune on college. Or find some way to corrupt vocational schools to be just like colleges – indoctrination centers.

Cameron Dees says:

It’s like a horror story

fram oam says:

The promise of heroin to numb the ignorant as he strips them of their rights, their guns, and then of course their speech, you don't get to speak when you are on the dole. Yang has over promised with his claims, over projected with automation, sorry but jobs that require even some adaptability aren't going to be automated soon, no cost effective robot will ever do plumbing outside some hyperstandardized environments. Sure, every sewer is the same, but every faucet cabinet is different, because physical reality is plagued with unpredictability not readily solved in the world of 1's and 0's. Yang makes the same mistakes as the echoing elite master class who have tried to sow division as diversion, just more overtly, he's just paying people to give up now. The contradictions within his party and ideology will ensure the failure of any utopian future vision they have, the hand outs will coincide with their unwillingness to close the borders. They will claim there is no work, while flooding in the poor, and the poor they create will vote to take as they have the least skin in the game at all. Its a system of buying votes on a massive scale, the logic of importing votes is inevitable, and irresistible. Yangs plan ensures failure, and the saps who bought into it are naive fools who black pilled on the first sign of difficulty. Instead of following the lead of the DSA to play the game of politics they did foolish things, and demanded the impossible of the man they helped, but didn't lay the ground work for. They have unrealistic magical dreams of politics as magic, when its a slow grind of the art of the possible. They could only see the next year, when others plan decades ahead. Yang appealed to a certain group of naive and lazy people, its good they were exposed for what they were.

Michael Lowe says:

Government doesn't solve problems. To do so would mean dissolving the fear-based narratives the candidates use to get elected. The sooner Andrew Yang realizes this and gets on board with promising but not delivering, the sooner he can become a real potential DNC candidate. Its how Trump plans to get reelected.

z lariviere20 says:

gotta love when people who support yang try to promote him by completely ignoring all the bad stuff he says… obvious cherry picking is obviouse

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