Vice President Mike Pence Is A True Christian!

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Linda Brock says:

God is let us know he's on his way back

ribmeat hamhock says:

Just heard Mayor Butt-rig choose his V. P. running mate. A Mr. Ben Dover.

mothermayi317 says:

Hi Will! God says for us to trust His plan. I believe God choose Trump and also Pence. The Holy Spirit is in control of all of this. We have to only believe..

Linda Fischer says:

I'm with you brother!

Belinda Kennedy says:

pence is not a good guy,he was governor of a state where human trafficking was happening saying he did not know about it.

Samuel Anselmo says:

Will stay strong……
Q told me that the storm is Here….

Jagged Star says:

It has been going on all through out time and that is the persecution of Christians. Some going on to this very day . Ask Middle Eastern Christians. Christians pay for their faith with their very lives.

Sintra Olivia Dukecordier says:

Hola Mr. Johnson….greetings from Costa Rica….yes when Christ Jesus returns Christianity as we know it WILL END! TRUMP2020….MAGA

Hidden Valley Homestead says:

Amen 100% brother!

ribmeat hamhock says:

Democrats love rump, my President is Trump!

cindybin2001 says:

Don't forget the Book of Mormon, it is another testament of Jesus Christ and will bring you closer to the Bible.

Shane Stephen says:

You are so asleep still

Tammy 2trueblue says:

What's really sad is they are pushing the gay agenda and trans agenda on our children, so they are indoctrinated. Our children need our protection NOW!

Big Daddy says:

There are a lot of people that are saying that Pence is involved with the deep state and Trump should watch his back. I can't say but, if you watch the George Bush funeral he spent more time talking with the Clintons than with anybody else. Can't imagine what they would have in common.

C. Ann says:

You need to research Mike Pence. He has been accused of some foul stuff committed by him and his wife when Pence was Govenor. Note: Mrs. Pence got one of those white envelopes at Bush funeral. Look at videos by Tory (or Torie) Smith. Just my 2 cents.

DP S says:

I really hope your right about Pence, I really hope the rumors about him are false.

Sandy Welch says:

The Scriptures are very clear on these issues. God bless you Will for speaking the truth. You are being a faithful witness of the Word of God. ❤✝❤

Barry Huffman says:

Thank you for what you do !


Real CHRISTIANS follow the footsteps of JESUS CHRIST..


Bruno G says:

If homosexuals want to vote conservative, I'll take um.

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