Australia cancels Milo Yiannopoulos's visa after Christchurch comments | UK news today

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Australia cancels Milo Yiannopoulos’s visa after Christchurch comments

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Theofanis Lantzakis says:

Grrrrr?! that bloody synthetic voice Milo Yianopolows. Grrrrr!?!?!

D M says:

Milo is NOT far right… morons sheesh

jeramiah johnson says:

All that dribble about statements made by Milo without telling us what those statements were.

Neil Charnock says:

Listen to him he is an analyst and not far right so in this sense the clip here is a hack job. Milo is very knowledgeable and a huge stirrer who is prone to saying very uncomfortable things.
Talking about in-sighting discord; what about some of the Mufti's comments that go against left wing dogma here in Australia?

138boris says:

A gay man married to a black guy is a threat??
But its OK for Muslims to kill gays??

Autistic Savant says:

THIS IS FAKE CLICK BAIT LIES. HE WAS BANNED on 6th MARCH a week before massacre THIS IS A LYING CHANNEL UNSUBSCRIBE if you dont want to be lied to.

chuck norris says:

They’ve just drawn attention to him good work Australia

Make America Native Again says:

Milo is a racist far-right Jewish supremacist. His hate should not be tolerated

Arnold Klett-Bader says:

Milo is guilty of telling the truth.

Tammy Crisel says:

You go Milo! They just can't handle the truth!

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