Rwanda Genocide & Topless Teacher Fight: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

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This is the April 9, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:02 25 years after a 100-day genocide killed nearly one million people, Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame has maintained the peace. But as more and more opposition voices are killed or disappeared, some ask at what cost.

11:12 Attorney General William Barr testified before Congress today for the first time since the Mueller report was finalized.

15:41 The first Q fundraising results are coming in, and they show that some candidates who know how to raise a lot of money from small dollar donations are doing really well, while candidates without a natural large grassroots fundraising base are struggling. It’s a weird new way to judge candidates — is it really what Democrats want?

20:27 Lauren Miranda, a math teacher of good standing at Bellport Middle School was recently fired from her post for a topless selfie she sent to a fellow teacher and ex-boyfriend in 2016. The photo ended up in the hands of a student. Now, Miranda is suing the school district for $3MM.

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gilliteen says:

News and some breast..

wimmisky says:

Well if we're 100% equal and we have to do the same things to each other, than Ms. Topless Protester can go to jail and then on the sex offender registry for exposing herself to children at a school.

Med Otaku says:

20:28 boobie article.

G SS says:

come for the genocide, stay for the topless teacher fight

Hobo Photos says:

You libtards fueled a culture of division and hate. Trump was the response if you wanna act crazy you will have crazy in return. There is balance in everything

Carson Hopper says:

Liberia and the USA have the same constitutions. See if you can guess the differences. (it's not the 6 year terms either, can't have the same document pretty much and term lengths be the only thing wrong)

Blakhawk1703 says:

21:02 Nasty tiddies. lol I thought I was gonna like this segment but I'm not too sure now.

John Smith says:

The idea that YouTube "needs" to shut down comments due to racism is perverse. Censorship because expressions of opinion were unpopular? Oh dear. I guess a dictatorship of thought IS the right way to go. Why don't we just amend the Bill Of Right to make unpopular speech illegal? Why don't we vote whether to imprison people based on their tweets? Is anyone else disturbed by people who claim to be Liberals acting and thinking in such a radically authoritarian way?

Shaming a person for nudes is absurd. Tens of millions of people across America have taken nudes of themselves, and the old and backward people that run schools should acknowledge that their own students are taking nudes too. This isn't drug use, this isn't sex, this is self-expression of one's own personal sexuality. The real topic is the sharing of someone else's nudes and maliciously attacking the victim, and that includes by the creepy principle and staff of perverts going around sharing nudes of faculty. Those perverts running the school should be ashamed of themselves. When you find a nude of someone you know, you let them know privately- you don't try to hurt them with it. This stinks so bad of hypocrisy, because she's being singled out for something totally normal, but kept private. That is, unless your a morally bankrupt pervert like the people who pretend to be examples for those kids, in which case you first probably masturbate, and then go tattling like an immature brat to the principle. Every act of sharing a nude when you shouldn't, is an immoral act, and we should be worried for those poor cellphone-having kids who definitely take nudes now and then, should one of these pervert school employees ever find their phones, and especially if these freaks try to play dictator and demand their phones' passwords. What ever happened to being a real man? What ever happened to standing up for a woman's dignity?

Petey B says:

Tits on YouTube not even blurred out lol… They will have a porn section in no time…

youtube youtube says:

Rwanda needs help from wakanda and Jesus

xxP1ST0LER0xx says:

22:24 you’re welcome

stormcop55 says:

Hey #VICE News How about doing an interview with ANYONE except libtards???   Thanks, America!

Black Mumba says:

This is madness I couldn't live next to someone that murdered my child I would of killed them murders. They crazy in Rwanda. They gone soft. Smdh

ike eki says:

after covering the livestream that had to shut off comments because of the "invasion" of racists, the discussion about hate speech in Rwanda recontextualizes the subject

Aurα вírdч says:

Topless lesbian fights, but why does he sound black? Lol, 3mil sounds a random

DX2ification says:

Anyone going to wonder if this video is going to get taken down?

Jah GaZ says:

Niggaz kill niggaz world wide…

Angel Gutierrez says:

I’m sorry but she should’ve known better than sending nude pictures of herself to some random guy she barely knew. Should she get fired? Idk maybe transferred to a different school and change her name.
You work in a classroom full of horny teenagers. What did you think would happen?

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