Are Liberals & Conservatives REALLY That Different? | Russell Brand & Derren Brown

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A clip from the upcoming Under The Skin podcast with illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown! You can watch this entire episode on YouTube this Saturday.

Under The Skin is moving to Luminary on 23rd April – go to to sign up to get 3 months for free! Or if you’re outside the US sign up to the mailing list at to get 3 months for free.

Jonathan Haidt’s book “The Righteous Mind” referenced in this clip:

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Chloe Peacock says:

This is why I have never been a member of any political party…I am not left I am not right, I not black, I am not white. I'm sick of being told how to feel…by people who are not even real!

Connie Criscitello says:

All statists are immoral.

Insomniac says:

The left is looney!

Garth Fairfield says:

The art of having nothing better to do except sit around and talk shit

Sanincha says:

Both parties are still based on fear which is part of the illusion, divisive matrix. None of it is based on love or trust so both parties suck.

Ridiculizer says:

No…They are both peasants who believe in the false dichotomy of the control system.

Jesse Sproul says:

It's been awhile since I've considered that I might be deemed nothing more then a customer in this venue.

Rory Teal says:

I have both my right and left wings flapping hard. I get excited over both puppies and demons and especially demon puppies

Jennifer Davenport says:

Jonathan Haidt's explanation was very good. It is a legitimate lack of understanding that either right or left side find it very difficult to grasp. There is a great Ted Talk by Jonathan Haidt if anyone has a few minutes to watch it to see why. It in no way changes my views, though. We should care about humanity as a whole. We should focus on helping and not hurting.

MrCaracappa16 says:

Tldr – conservatives are pansies.

Grant McDaniel says:

I love your Ganesha tattoo.

acrprmann says:

So, if you imagine a non-real utopia all feelings turn liberal… Big surprise.

redrumax says:

Fuck. I did not recognize Derren in the thumbnail. Interesting how the lovely 'compassionate' people are always the ones resorting to violence.

David Bell says:

I've questioned the left and right constructs since I was a child. Glad others are doing this too

ondro baco says:

interesting. But is it misguided interpretation of the data? what if it is like this: chaos is off putting for humans. Leftists ideas are about deconstructing the current order and moving towards chaos. Right wingers brains are conditioned to follow societal rules and norms and therefore can predict the outcome of the leftists ideas. While leftists brains do not appreciate the value of order and cannot see the chaos that left wing ideas bring. However when leftists are put in the environment of chaos, suddenly they can see and hate it. Therefore the sudden shift to rules and conservative ideals. This approach does not only explain the experiment but also the fact that conservatives tend to be older experienced people and leftists are mostly youngsters and people with warped sense of cause and effect.

Sandy Mack says:

There is always a simplicity about the present moment.

SEAN KIM says:

lovely #manifesting #mindcontrol #conspiracy #theory. "I CONCUR" bleev!! great job!!! @russellBRAND

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