Democrat Candidate Wants Us To Do WHAT?

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Alex0563 3 says:

Wow, this shit is homophobic.

Alex0563 3 says:

Pete is actually a great guy. Really hope to see him become president.

Christopher Rogers says:


vanscoyoc says:

Mark, Its pronounced Butt Gag. Get it right.

harry axhandle says:

Peter Buttguy the pole dancing superstar!

Potato Boy says:

Gay ass little pipsqueek

victor raines says:

Pete Buttipirate,….LOL, LOL.

pretorious700 says:

Pete Buttplug.

Roberto Acosta says:

A very small minority is bullying the rest of us. This must stop.

JayJay Trescincosiete says:

The bible is pretty specific, also talks about Christians who are not going to make it through heavens gates, seriously doubt inclusiveness in worldly so called morality and views is the key, much less Lady Gaga like "Christianity". CNN staff are going to be shocked when they are standing at the gates of heaven and find out all their inclusive and whatever the flavor of the month type Christianity, is not welcome.

Anonymous says:

How many gay president's do we need..what does your sexual preference have to do with community….Hi I'm in the lgqbayt community… bullshit

Kirk Kennedy says:

Does anyone find it ironic that a gay man would have the word “butt” in his last name? Haha….

M1 says:

Buttplug will never be president.

Michael King says:

I just became a naturalized citizen. Been in the US for 13 years now and aggressively pursued it under Donald Trump's government. Now I'm naturalized during his presidency and I will vote for him, now that I can.

Mike Reiley says:

Democrats need to leave religion out of politics, Pence is a religious and honorable man.

Benny Sargent says:

My goodness where do you find these ( IDIOTS) ?!

Jo Seph says:

Mr. Bootleg isn't good enough. Try Mr. Buttplug.

niteprowler1 says:

Peter Buttgagger can shut his pecker pucker.

Eric Savinto says:

im protecting the 1st amd with 2nd amd

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