Moron Makes Major Announcement

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Trenton Alverez says:

Butterjug an swallowswell a funky jigglin junky monkey residuntial pornocratic flamily unicorn rainbow farts

Edward Banfa says:

Watching from Africa, and I love watching the leftist clowns keeping clowning themselves. Great channel and keep it up

David Moore says:

Its very hard for Eric Swalwell to walk and breath, this stupid prick is so damned dumb its painful every time he opens his moronic mouth something stupid dribbles out, has this become a competition of the biggest idiots? If your ever behind him, YELL HEY STUPID, I can guarantee he will turn around, he knows his name.

Christopher Rogers says:

Eric Swallows the man for the job. Sorry left the job OUT. Taking loads and more loads! You know what I mean hint hint 😉

David Lawson says:

Tattood eyebrows in the White House?? From San Francisco!! Sorry, we already have a gay guy running on crat side. Most of these liars are running for Vice President. Oh, we already have one in the field who has done that. Sorry Charlie.

Sheryl Kimball says:

Oh I see you put a clown nose over swalwell znoiko so who's that so it would attract attention to him and not your gigantic pointy Who knows my God have you looked in the mirror when you're talking your nose looks like a pointer you're pathetic and disgusting that man has more morals in one hair on his head then you have in your whole body and your family

Zach Jones says:

Perfect guest on a pathetic morons show is another pathetic moron.

Wilhelm Geisler says:



Desi M says:

WTF¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!! MARK, stupid SJW YouTube unsub'd me from your channel..I'm back

James Sneed says:

Doesn't sound like he's the sharpest spork in the democrats drawer does it.

Rockie mountin says:

Another total Democratic socialist communist loser trying to make a living off the backs of hard-working Americans, no thanks we have enough of these losers in Washington already particularly in the house and Congress

Frank Graham says:

All the Democrats and Rhinos that have sealed indictments against them will be running for the Presidency so they can claim harassment when they are arrested.

Mr. Mills says:

2:26 commence primary ignition!

Robert Embrey says:

It's not too late for his mother to drowned him in the bathtub or somebody to drowned him in the bathtub get rid of this dip shit scumbag

The Dude says:

Swalwell could be dumber than AOC.

Paul VanHorn says:

I think cockroaches should have the ability to run for President. What do you think Mark? Should we put a tie on these buggas.

All respects to Mr. Dice. You are good at exposing the madness as many others. I pray that we all just have peace but we are going into war for sure if nothing changes as It appears. ? I don't see sea monsters getting sucked into the NASHOLES black holes yet?

john marpes says:

That dumb fuck swallows will start a civil war if hes elected…period

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