Video Thoughts: Mark Dice's video on freedom of religion

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Louis Escuela says:

I encourage people to watch the video "Dem Rep Smears Candace Owens" showing Candace Owens making manifest the hypocrisy and fear sweeping throughout the Democratic party of a young black woman with a formidable intellect and consider sharing this post. Congressman Ted Liew naively took it upon himself to attempt to ambush Candace only to find himself humiliated in front of a national audience by a young lady that is the age of his granddaughters and whose intellect and fiery temper led Kanye West to exclaim "I like the way she thinks." I've admired orientals for the respect they have for their elders, discipline, and work ethic. This is the rare occasion that an oriental – and Democrat – has been stripped bare and exposed to be a corrupt, dishonest, despicable politician. Miss Owens contempt for "loathsome" Democrats has led to entertaining videos of her scorched earth, take no prisoners philosophy when dealing with Democrats. Much respect for Miss Owens, much contempt for Ted Liew. Watch "Candace Owens TORCHES the Democrat Party in front of House Judiciary Committee!!" for a six-minute video that will haunt Democrats for years to come!

Juice RBLX says:

what is your ethnicity good sir

BlackWorm says:

@1:39 Do you know what homophobia is? It means you have a phobia (meaning afraid of) against gay people. Not that you hate them. According to most religions, everything under the LGBTQ+ umbrella is a sin against God. Why? Because oral and anal is a sin. Sex is only meant for reproduction. Not for pleasure. So if a Christian person is not against the homosexual acts, then that person is not a true christian. And if you don't follow God's gospel 100%, then you're not following God. Christians believe that homosexuality is a punishment. Thus why they were put on this earth, as everyone on this side have sinned. This really isn't a topic for you Blaze. You do not know what a phobia is, you've never even read the bible or attempted to, so why are you even talking about this subject matter?

thomasfactoryuntold says:

Blaze, what do you think of tommy jordon's "facebook parenting: for a troubled teen" video?

As you gave your thoughts on it, let me gave you my thoughts… i think that shooting at your daughter's laptop is no diffrent then revenge porn, or better yet he made the facebook parenting video made revenge porn look like cancer!

Stainbine Jahblontski says:

Good points.

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