Betting on royal baby names

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The first child for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is due any day now and there’s plenty of speculation, and betting, around what the newest royal will be named.
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Joseph Burns says:

Abolish the monarchy!

Bug Smasher says:

Tyrone? Jamal?

Sudden Destruction says:

Adolf? sweet innocent like a dolphin, noble cub,

Ramona Zavada says:

Ginger. Lol

Archie Mcdonald says:

Whatever it turns out to be maybe 'inbred backwards moron' should be included. I mean 9 out 10 royal kids are born like that so all I'm saying is it would be a good bet to include it.
And yes I'm British and I hate the parasites…

Alex Silver says:

"Journalists" should be criminally responsible for wasting tax payers money on nonsense like this.

Derek Woodford says:

I, as one individual Canadian, do not give a crap about the royal baby. I'm sure I'm not alone.

Mountain Breeze says:

Henry Alexander

biker says:

Dufus, would be a gender neutral name.

Devon morrison says:

If a girl…it should be Diana

On Sonority says:

Isn't Alfred or Diana or Alice….etc…gender specific names ….

On Sonority says:

Hank…or Barney……

Curtis 23 says:

Name the baby after me.

Alexander the Great says:

What about the name John?

Derek Y says:


The Truth says:

tyrone when it comes out black.

paulkevin says:

How about a gender fluid name, like Pat, so the baby can choose whatever gender it wants when it can start talking.

G Lewis says:

Canada needs to sever ties with the monarchy.

TheAudio1 says:

Little girl's fantasy and garbage news

Matthew Simms says:

African princess

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