CNN's Samantha Vinograd Refuses To Acknowledge Obama Dropped The Ball On Russian Meddling In 2016

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During late night coverage of the Mueller report on CNN, Political Commentator Scott Jennings pointed out that “we knew… pretty extensively what the Russians were doing by mid-2016 but the U.S. government and the previous administration chose not to do anything about it. So Donald Trump wasn’t the President then. Barack Obama was.” CNN National Security Analyst and Obama administration alum Samantha Vinograd strongly pushed back on Jennings’s analysis, jumping in and indicating her desire to “correct the record” on something. Jennings asked her if she wanted to “correct the record on who the President was between 2014 and 2016.” At this point, Vinograd accused Jennings of being “confrontational” before justifying the previous administration’s response by describing “the amount of information that we currently have available about Russia’s attack on our country is apples and oranges when we look at what the previous… administration under Barack Obama knew in 2016.” She also argued that “President Trump and his intelligence community and his National Security Council have years more of evidence of what Russia’s doing and they have failed to deter that attack.” Considering the fact that the attack occurred in 2016 and the Trump administration was not in power then, it makes absolutely no sense for Vinograd to complain about President Trump failing to deter an attack that took place before he was even in office.


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