Congressman Shows Us How Hard It Is to Cross the Border

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Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) visited Yuma, Arizona to show how easily migrants can cross over, because of the current state of the southern border.


nik mxforever says:

Leave a map on quickest route to San Francisco.

George M Chilcott says:

Duncan you lying sack of shit.

pc says:

Isn't this the piece of shit who stole hundreds of thousands of government funds? Is he still in office? If so, typical Trump era government.

Sunny says:

why isnt e-verify enforced? why are illegals getting govt asst? how are we gonna get rid of 30 mil illegals & their anchor babies? by the time the walls finished Latin America will be empty & a lot more Americans will be dead or abused.

glacknoid says:

Thank God you morons are the minority.

glacknoid says:

You don't believe me Google Duncan Hunter fakes Crossing border wall and Read It and Weep.

glacknoid says:

You know I normally don't read the comments and videos of butt God damn Trump voters are dumb. That was a vehicle fence fact check s*** once in a while it might do you some good.

glacknoid says:

Do any of you f**** retards that think Duncan Hunter was actually crossing a border wall I pity you you're dumber than a f**** bag of rocks that's hilarious that he refers to fake news when in fact everything he just did in his video was complete b***** get a map you'll figure out where the real border is dumbass and by the way good luck in your trial your f**** criminal trial Duncan.

T K says:

Dunky had to admit this was fake news or risk going to jail for violating his bail by leaving the country, too funny

James Soltis says:

…this is actual fake news. Hunter did not ‘sneak’ into Mexico. The rail he scuttled over is merely a vehicle barrier. The actual border is approximately 100 feet away at the Colorado River.

Braddah Bu says:

The ACLU is a anti-American firm! Bent on helping illegal aliens…..thank you American loving citizens who take time out of their day to patrol the borders. God Bless

Michael Blake says:

Democrats fight a wall because it'll eliminate a large part of their voting base. Its that simple.

zappy008 says:

gates to keep babies in rooms are bigger than that.

The MA Show says:

Who put that fucking fence their??? Lol

norman hauser says:

Thank God for sensible Truth Seekers

JM P says:

Short, sweet, straight to the point & a great display of how ridiculous it is in places.
Please support Mr Hunter, Mr Trump & the builing of the wall.

Sassy Frass says:

This is whats going on while you sleep.

Sassy Frass says:

America First? Maybe it didn't mean what we thought it did.

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