Deck collapse sends 18 to hospital in B.C.

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Eighteen people have been taken to hospital after a deck collapsed during a wedding-related celebration in Langley, B.C., on Friday. RCMP say one person is in critical condition.
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RandomRoulette says:

Wedding crashers

Sean MGTOW says:

Stacked Deck? smdh

任戰 says:

obesity is the culprit

Kara J says:

Should have got a permit for the deck.

Userme says:

Have no sympathy. Why people go crazy for a wedding. Invited literary million of people, wasting money etc. all about show off and materialistic people. Many people can not find food to eat and yet we have crazy weddings around the world! people are pathetic.

Cheryl Sibson says:

my sympathy and delight for the couple what a way to start? may with everything you can muster, with all the love and attachments that requires dedication for each other may you have comfort and rest and start again. Peaceful rest for the injured. House's come and go family and friends do matter.

Kobe says:

Must have been dancing to bollywood

melvina628 says:

Who built that deck? Who is the landlord of that property?

erich84502ify says:

Listen to her accent!

Ana says:

The family and their guests, unfortunately over burdened an old, not properly maintained deck. They overestimated the deck's capacity.

Suzanne Anon says:


Victoria Winter says:

Sad way to celebrate a wedding. Have they had any common sense they would have restricted the amount of people allowed on that deck.

Cross says:

God is telling the couple that it's not gonna work…they should get a divorce

ValiantsFelines McCarty says:

We don't know what part of the event was happening on the balcony to make rude comments. The family is more than likely in shock & of course world now needs to be informed about everything, world forbid one have some privacy.

For what it looks like this was as not properly built or attached to the other portions of the deck, it was an accident waiting to happen if you did overload it, but I'm thinking, it probably was already spreading before the overload, due to weather freeze thaw conditions. It appears the fallen portion was not anchored correctly as there's no damage, it's not torn or broken, it is one solid mass, looks like it just slipped off the uprights!

IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought says:

residential deck which may or may not have been on permit with a 35 person wedding party live load? Not me cause I know how they are built.

Wayne Heinrichs says:

My thoughts are with the injured. Building this size and type of deck MUST be SECURELY ANCHORED to the house with appropriate weight supports in place. Travelling around I see this is often not the case. Safety is priority in construction and when built to code will hold many without risk; This should be a no brainer for truly qualified architects and builders. Too often these days thoughtless shortcuts are taken which include some very unethical “fly by night” contractors—one problem of many.

Was a qualified building inspector involved during and after construction? Results of this investigation should be reported cross Canada to increase awareness once again. These accidents continue to happen and simply should not. We are now in a time when qualified inspection of existing decks should be mandated to avoid these tragic events and in this case has a huge impact on the marrying couple’s life and most certainly the guests.

We folks out here are giving a big collective hug to all involved.

Mike Hagarty says:

Sad news!
I wish them all a speedy recovery!

Brandon Schleifer says:

It sounds like they overburdened the deck.

Not Comatose says:

They give next to no info til the end and scanty at that. National news???

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