Frank Gaffney on Breitbart News Daily, 4/17/19

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On Breitbart News Daily, the Center’s Executive Chairman Frank Gaffney discussed topics including the Notre Dame fire, Ilhan Omar’s response to it, anti-Israel ideology in the Democratic Party and the BDS movement’s influence on young people.


Bob Beckel says:

Vandalism is rampant in churches in the US as much as in Europe. The reason we don't hear about it may have nothing to do
with terrorism. Mental illness is also rampant in the US as much as in Europe. I have noticed a lot of people laughing at the
public reaction to Hillary Clinton's loss in 2016. But it is no laughing matter. Organizations like Antifa are manifestly insane.
It is not clear how the public so readily accepts the normalization of sexual perversion as it was once recognized as illness.

Pablo Koinonia says:

Gaffney is one of the most balanced and intelligent analysers of threats to western civilisation, yet he is smeared by the Centre for American progress as a key Islamaphobe, along with Daniel Pipes – one of the West's pre-eminent Islamic scholars (PhD Harvard). Just shows you how hard the Islamic propaganda machine works – and how valuable these two are. Its a pity he is not in a senior position in the Trump administration.

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