Hawkins Shows Women Concealed Carry Techniques for Self-Defense

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Breitbart News’ AWR Hawkins and his wife show how a fanny pack or a handbag can help women quickly access their gun for self-defense.


strictlynorton says:

Excellent tutorial. Stay safe out there ladies. Real men honour and respect you.

endorphinjunkie says:

If you're going to carry in a purse, you should still have the gun in a holster that covers the trigger guard.

Nita Peltier says:

JM4 Tactical Holster From a Woman's Perspective

Nita Peltier says:

Dene Adams Concealed Carry Holsters

Laurence Smith says:

Women & Weapons ……… This is AMERICA
Citizens with Weapons are Equal
Citizens without Weapons are Targets

Lee Pureimaginationyou TV says:

A woman who can protect herself is a woman that is not a victim leftist nightmare.

Beaf Supreme says:

Anyone thumbs downs this video doesn’t want their moms or daughters to defend themselves against a much stronger and faster adversary.

Ranger7793 says:

Not very fast for an emergency situation but better than not having a weapon at all

hammypie says:

What are my options in California?

FIREWATER 1960 says:

You all should go down to the Mexican border and use those invaders coming into America illegally as target practice! Get better aiming plus ammo not wasted.

Curtis Childers says:

We should start pushing for concealed carry for all law abiding citizens.
Criminals won’t live very long, if everyone is packing heat.

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