Leftists Pressure Beto About Receiving Donations from Fossil Fuel Executives

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During a rally in Somersworth, New Hampshire, leftist activists questioned 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke about donations he received from Chevron and other fossil fuel companies. He admitted to have received a donation from one such lobbyist and said he’s returning the check.



Buff my B**ls.

Lisa Mastrangelo says:

China is one of the biggest polluters of the environment in the world ! Are they stopping the use of fossil fuels ! Of course not ,they want America and other countries to fall and than they will have world power ! China ist he back of the Democrats !

Nicholas Brewer says:

Such a lying bullshit artist

david vickers says:

XTR energy hmmm, never heard of it LOL !!!!!!

fking deplorable says:

Robert Francis O'Rourke = Bob Dork!!!

MarkoDeLaVoota says:

gtfo , never trust the guy with rolled up sleeves and no jacket, swallow well beta male cause you won’t be a president!
killed two demoncrats at the same time , he he

Steve Smith says:

Hey Beto jump for me, "sure, how high".

Bob Beckel says:

Shit! Those people are not supporters. They are shills. He can't even get people who look hispanic! They are his campaign workers.

Lithe Steel says:

Lol, exposed as a super cuckold

M RG says:

They eat there oown

Liberty Lover says:

Poor Beto … starting to look a little "low energy." Not a long ball hitter folks.

Jill Piazza says:

Roll those sleeves up boy. You got some splaining to do!!!

Jonathan Ocampo says:

Not even election time and this guy is already losing..

Żabka says:

Poor Beta.
Called out by the Killer Klimate Kult.

dreadnaught says:

So these indoctrinated, perpetually outraged 'leftists/libTURDS' have zero carbon footprint? The left never leaves any opportunity to hijack an issue, conflate it with their retarded logic/gross ignorance and squeal shitless like juvenile imbeciles.

Blue -eyed says:

That was well prepared act of democratic theater. All those speaking had this rehersed.

Randolph Jude says:

These people are bonkers! And Beto ……………. has lost his marbles.

ardy texn says:

just grabbing all the money he can before the train wrecks…POOF ..GONE

ardy texn says:

BUTT-HO ….LIE-BOT…..crash n burn already loser, get real, get a life

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