Warren: ‘No More New Drilling or Mining’ on Public Lands on Day One in Office

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In a video released Friday on her Twitter account, 2020 presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren told her audience that she would sign a moratorium on the first day in office to cease new drilling and mining on public lands.


Lightwarrior86 says:

SHE has NO CHANCE ha ha


I have been subscribed to you, Breitbart, since the election and you have NEVER shown up in my homescreen feed. You've only appeared in my subscription feed. YouTube has been suppressing your channel for a while now. Time to straighten this shit out.

Miklamesh Xe says:

Mr Warren said, "No more drilling on Elizabeth, that well done gone dry".

AMC says:

Did she claim to be Native American and try to ride that wave as well? Which turned out to be a lie?

Richard Godfrey says:

I think after the elections there will be no more Pocahontas !

Laurie Cr says:

Promise you will not run

Noel Normandin says:

She has never been drilled EVER!

nik mxforever says:


ZygoteProducer says:

Why don't we just ban cars too? And while we're at it let's just go back to the stone age…

Robert Gorden says:

This FAKE progressive is going nowhere. So who cares what she blathers?

STEVE P says:

How is she gonna fuel her private jet?

Jim Buck says:

Pompous jackass

Jill Piazza says:

Sit down pochantis

Gustavo says:

She'll be president of the toilet bowl

roy lukenbill says:

So will I not be allowed to go gold panning in the public access areas where I live?


1/1,024th of a future president.

David Power says:

The Democrat Party sure has cornered the market in fruit loops.

inkythinker says:

Same OLD LIARS … same old same old idiotic garbage spewing from their pie-holes… so utterly out of touch with real people, utterly treasonous, utterly entrenched in their delusions

American Born Patriot. says:

One of a long stable of very bad rappers from Studio Satan Democrats. A 666 Beezlebub Production.

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