D.C Virtue Signaled The Nation By Housing The Homeless In Posh Apartments INSTANT KARMA ENSUES

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Heapbig says:

This segment drives home the truth of how far removed the "powers that be" are from reality. So desperate to maintain their own relevance they don't look before they leap. Ask any shelter worker, housing counsellor, I worked in the field as upgrading instructor, outreach worker with the street entrenched population. Though you wish for more and better for all, if they suffer addictions, there is a reason they are on the street. One street person may have the intention to better their own lives, you help them achieve housing and sadly, more often than not, watch their friends and acquaintances destroy it for them, move in, take over, and create hell for anyone around them. In no time there is wall to wall garbage, needles, stolen property and filth. Sad but true. We remain positive and with hope , slog along, try again…and again because there are successes though few and far between.

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