Joe Rogan Explains Hunting to Russell Brand

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1283 w/Russell Brand:


Kevin Fuk says:

In the animal kingdom predators are here to hunt preys, it's called survival of the fittest.

RacistDeplorableRussianBot says:

Brand is such a freak

eyy lets go says:

1:20 – me when i start thinking too hard

arran kambo says:

Explain to this fucking dickhead please Rogan

Fonzie says:

OmG lIkE jOe roGaInE is sooo wIsE SiGn mY bAbY !!!!!!!!

-everyone of his fans

random5595 says:

6:40 what he said

Red River says:

I like Russel and respect him….but totally clueless. His intentions seem ok….but he would totally it survive post apocalypse.

Micheal L says:

I love Russell

Trevor Sole says:

Did you fashion your own bow and arrows and stalk your prey without all these modern cheats? Oh, then you sir, are no hunter. You are a consumer.

Kaze Jah says:

I used to hate that asshole Russell Brand. He's still a bit of an asshole, but he's not as bad anymore…you can tell he lays off of the drugs more now and has grown the fuck up. Good dude.

NitroExpress says:

Joe "Mr. DMT is great" Rogan. Hunting is BS.

shane shane says:

The spiritual nonsense of hunting is just that, nonsense.. people hunt basically for 3 reasons

And the rush from killing a wild animal

kevin devaney says:

But good chst

Matt Suprise says:

Your scared to stand up for them so u can get along with others…typical.

sup me says:

Ho be a real man and hunt with a spear ..only pussy use guns ..there is no skill hunting with guns I've done it sorry and these moronic hunters pride themself like its a feat …when there just pussy ass fuckers really

AnonymousSources OFFICIAL says:

6:00 .. Are those tracks on Russell's left arm?

Wat ching u says:

A lot of people in Britain think this guy is an absolute prick.

mixboy79 says:

Too bad Joe didn't hunt this douche in the studio

BarnacleBlitz says:

7:00 jEEEEEEESus, chill bro

kevin devaney says:

Not hunting. So sad

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