Joe Rogan | Why We Respond More to Negativity Online w/Russell Brand

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1283 w/Russell Brand:


Viren vs says:

Russell brand looks like he should be meditating under a tree in India

chris lee says:

People are doing what they've been doing for thousands of years, the difference is now we have the internet and everyone is using it to make themselves feel better. So as human being's we slap labels on people and judge them on what they say and how they act. If they aren't doing what everyone else is doing they are cast out and labeled. What's happening is it's reached a level that we've never seen before, and the people who are judging are doing it so they can say, SEE GUYS LOOK AT ME! LOOK HOW GOOD OF A PERSON I AM!, then they take it a step further and say "oh you don't agree with me?" "then you are below me", then they take it a step further and say, "oh you don't agree with me?" you're below me, and what you say doesn't matter. Then anyone who tries to argue against their actions is only referred to by a label, racist, transphobic, white priveleged, to label and silence the person. These people don't want to change their own minds, they don't want to hear your argument they want to be right, and they want everyone to know that they have the superior morale high ground, and they want to rub it in your face.

The truth is, smart people realize these things, and usually sit back and wait for what is inevitably going to happen, these people are going to rip themselves apart, once people start ignoring them and treating them as what they are, children. They will turn on themselves and that will be that.

Native Daughter says:

I really like Russell brand. I don’t share many (maybe not any) of his beliefs but he’s always respectful and explains his positions articulately and in good faith. He’s a good man.

Master Roshi says:

russel is actually pretty dope

Rose Gold says:

Love Joe and Russell

MC CM says:

We respond to negativity because we evolved to give attention to stuff that can pose a danger to us … Yeah it worked fine to stay alive when you could die at any time ,but now it drags us down.

iduz duhsmotpoke says:


iduz duhsmotpoke says:

We respond to the negativity because we love to shout at the fucken devil.

Pickle Jar says:

Russell "monk in a marriage" Brand

9thGenerationCajun says:

But I'm the better parent. And she and her family know

crf450r bullet david says:

Everyone of you is special regardless of anything, unless your a molester then you can get dead. I just want to spread some positivity after this video.

The Truth says:

It would be nice if ppl online can respect each other and stick to the topic during a debate instead of talk shit to each other and go off topic when they can’t find a response.

John Klem says:

Brand, an intelligent asshole, thats about it.

Tiem says:

We respond more to negativity because it's in our DNA. Noticing things that would hurt us, that are bad for us, that may harm us are helpful to survival. We yearn to laugh and have fun and enjoy ourselves, but everything in our DNA is still focused on warning signs because while your life may suck if you never enjoy it, you're still alive. Your genes don't much care or worry about nuances. If it keeps you alive, they will step over everything to make it so. We as a society have just simply exploited this (just as we exploit your desire to eat sugar and salt and generally be as lazy as possible). It's a duality but negativity will always trump positivity simply because the outcomes are disproportionate.

MrDyl666 says:

Brand is completely correct about ai. Yes maths is a huge component but they’re still created by humans to understand certain numbers in certain ways. Interesting that brand picked up on this kinda stuff

Mòhámmèd Wäs Ä PædõphìIë says:

Do you like me? I like me.

MrGpt2010 says:

Because people are never happy.

faye butterfly says:

Great guest. Really enjoyed this

Tiger Dragon says:

Like the dumb asses hating on Star Trek Discovery.

Ice Fury, Director of Shield says:

Easy Solution: Stay off social media sites like FB, Instagram, and Twitter.
Life will be ALOT better

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