Russell Brand "We Don't Know Our Own Biases" | Joe Rogan

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1283 w/Russell Brand:


High Brass says:

You guys should read the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemen. Its a phenomenal book

D Warren says:

Thank goodness there are so many sheeple to follow these people.

Dana McWhite says:

Elk meat taste like shit joe

William Hanna says:

In the UK, Russell Brand is regarded as a total cuck,the only people that can stand him and his voice are genetic rejects.

Peter Coleman says:

Russle is a massive bellend

Gern Wind says:

Noone should play bongos.

MC CM says:

Fock off m8 ! Spiders are scarry:(

Sean Wardman says:

Russell is biased towards what he believes is correct but in reality he’s a socialist peanut.

Naforbe says:

Russell has a shiny botox forehead and a lady's top.

chris lee says:

for some reason it's become mainstream to let your children do whatever the fuck they want and turn into losers, what happened to all the children that were raised as athletes and end up star of the football team, go on to become all american, do amazing in college get drafted to the nfl? if you want to be good at something, really really really good you have to learn to do it as a kid, at least for normal people that's the road to becoming a legend.

oh and btw hunting is good, you're killing animals to feed your family. get the estrogen out of your system and be a man. when a lion takes down an injured baby gazelle does he first sit back and consider his feelings, or is the animal governed by it's instinct that's in it's fucking genetics. you know why you feel bad when you see something like that go down? because you're human but human beings also have the ability to tap into their instincts just like a lion. the problem is there's too many weak people in this world we've gotten so good at keeping people alive that the weakest among us are trying to dictate our future. Rewind the clock a hundred years if you got sick, you probably died, there was no room for feeling bad about killing an animal it's instinct to hunt and kill animals or find food whatever way you can.

charlielauffer says:

Russell Brand is extremely intelligent, interesting, caring human being. But, he is a pussy because he can't handle drugs. Sad, so, sad.

Joe Monreal says:

Russell your blouse is too small for you

FlourishWitherDie says:

Americans, don't be charmed by his stupid posh accent and boundless enthusiasm. He's just another rich cunt with delusions of grandeur and an obession with socialism.

Marcos Del Toro says:

Dude why do people continue to give time to fools like Brand. He swears he knows so much, and people continue to believe his BS. This is a guy who was a serious addict, Bi- polar individual, and porn addict who has been arrested several times, yet hes this bright mind!! Lol!! Come on people, he's a joke!!

Lyle Benzo says:

This man has to be a terrible parent.

Ryan Daniel says:

I am not bias against anything

Daniel B says:

Russell is amazing! I'm blown away by how cool he is! I had no idea.

Fuck Google says:

Whilst, I hope you both die of aids……………..erase my comments, because you want someone to play bongos up your ass!

Deranged Dalton says:

Russell gets a lot of shit but he seems like a nice dude.

laughing man says:

Joe brand is a big wanker from our country …. you
can keep this prick hes a known cunt .

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