President and First Lady Trump Host White House Easter Egg Roll

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Uncle Jewnyer says:

God Bless our President, his family and our Great Country!!! #MAGA #Trump2020

Karen Dixon says:

The only thing I can think about is this must be a SS security nightmare! They need to fence off all adults and let only the children go to the table close to the President and First Lady then back to the parents before they start moving again.

nik mxforever says:

Snowflake repellent ! MAGA COUNTRY BABY 2020

Laurence Smith says:

Thank You Mr. President.
AMERICA, just say NO, to creepy joe

daisyroots says:

Love You President Trump !!!!!

rad roofer says:

Wyd do Easter eggs or an egg laying rabbit have to do with what our Savior did for us. You stupid pagans

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