President Trump called out the Alt-Left agitators for their part in the violence in Charlottesville last weekend, saying both sides are responsible for causing the chaos, in a fiery press conference today where he didn’t [More]
YouTube is hiring thousands to help fight inappropriate content being uploaded to the site. The company has come under fire for allowing hate speech and disturbing content targeting minors to slip past filters. To read [More]
The ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel weighs in
Owen Shroyer explains how the violence in Charlottesville is exactly what the mainstream media has asked for, and responsibility for the confrontations should be squarely placed at the feet of MSM. Help us spread the [More]
Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), Milo Yiannopolous, Paul Joseph Watson, and Markus Meechan (Count Dankula) have apparently all joined the Nigel Farage-less UKIP party in hopes of “Making Britain Great Again”. Though, their efforts will [More]
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The US military is sending humanitarian aid to women and children stuck in an ISIS convoy stranded in the Syrian desert, following a coalition bombing. They had been given safe passage to head to an [More]
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Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, has been battered by war over the years. But for eighteen-year-old Hamidullah, one of the ways of coping with ongoing violence has been his passion for gardening. In this film Hamidullah let’s [More]
Fox & Friends viewers were livid over an ad that ran during the show. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini, and Judah Friedlander, the hosts of The Young Turks, show you the impeachment ad. Tell [More]