Hurricane Florence resumed its second week of impacts with much of the same – flooding that cut off entire towns, water rescues in parts of the Carolinas that have been inundated, evacuations as rivers continued [More]
A new Russian Lada-class diesel-electric attack submarine will defend naval bases and destroy other subs, while remaining ‘invisible’ to enemy radar, an official said. The ‘Kronshtadt’ submarine successfully conducted its maiden dive in St. Petersburg [More]
More than half of Detroit public schools have tested positive for high levels of lead and copper after their drinking water was inspected over safety concerns. Elevated levels of lead and copper were detected in [More]
-There will be severe or possibly damaging gusts for a time this morning especially in the west and northwest. Extreme caution is advised in the coastal districts of Clare, Connacht and Donegal this morning with [More]
China will operate Haifa port, near Israel’s alleged nuclear-armed submarines, and it seems no one in Israel thought about the strategic ramifications. I call BS on that statement…… Learn More: Your Support of Independent [More]
Kilometers-long Earth cracks dry up rivers, wells, and deplete groundwater reserves in Kerala, India Learn More: Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: Bitcoin- 1Nmcbook8TwAdtZHsMdVxRtjBnyrSArDH5 Bitcoin Cash- qzjvcvkfhzffcgc89mcnvuka0lljjuu4dvalrafmj0 My Other Youtube [More]
The perennial optimists at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI, have joined the rest of the world in deploying AI to help manage huge data sets — and their efforts almost instantly bore fruit. [More]
Floodwaters from Tropical Depression Florence has entirely cut off the North Carolina city of Wilmington, prompting officials to call for additional help from state law enforcement and the National Guard. Learn More: Your Support [More]
The researchers examined the marks and even recreated the patterns themselves, concluding they had definitely been deliberately applied with an ochre crayon. Archaeologists used to think the ability of our species to think symbolically did [More]
Wave heights to 83 ft were measured early this morning under the NE quadrant of Hurricane Florence. These enormous waves are produced by being trapped along with very strong winds moving in the same direction [More]