Diamond & silk channel The Viewers View www.youtube.com/channel/UCug1cL7vmUvYooOjXyHjsxQ Diamond & Silk today’s video YouTube Deemed This Video As Controversial… You Be The Judge. Mark Dice link to this channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCzUV5283-l5c0oKRtyenj6Q Mark dice today’s video YouTube [More]
Watch Donald Trump disavow David Duke, the KKK and all racists, over and over again, dating back 17 years, while the liberal media keeps denying he did, and insists he must be a racist himself. [More]
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Mark Dice doesn’t seem to understand why advertisers are distancing themselves from his YouTube channel. Let me help explain.
President Trump called out the Alt-Left agitators for their part in the violence in Charlottesville last weekend, saying both sides are responsible for causing the chaos, in a fiery press conference today where he didn’t [More]
Comedian Chelsea Handler wants people arrested if they make ‘racist’ jokes, or find racist jokes funny. The Netflix host made the bizarre statement last night. Take a look. Subscribe now for more videos every day, [More]
White House advisor Stephen Miller schools a New York Times reporter about our new immigration plan. Subscribe now for more videos every day, and I’ll see you tomorrow! Watch more of my latest videos here: [More]