Paul Joseph Watson perhaps you can look at your 2014 Gaza video with new eyes. Hating Israel is for the SJWs. Background here: Throughout Brexit and the rise of Trump I watched a lot [More]
That is the Jew question. I don’t, People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I mean, I read the news everyday, I track narratives that the Main [More]
“Paul Joseph Watson fala sobre Leonardo Di Caprio a mais recente celebridade complexada a querer posar de salvador do planeta para as câmeras” Leonardo Da Vinci ficou na história como um dos maiores génios criadores [More]
PJW has, well, triggered me.
Paul Joseph Watson Here –
INFOWARS Nightly News: Friday March 15,2013 with Paul Joseph Watson ONLY THE NEWS SEGMENT A new flying drone developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania could one day be used to snatch humans off [More]
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CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Paul Joseph Watson plays CS:GO and Alex Jones has a rant. TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Alex Jones: Paul Joseph Watson: iDubbbzTV: PewDiePie: Angry Voice [More]